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RPC Research Brown Bags, 2002-2005

Spring 2012 Brownbags

     May 3, 2012: "Every Summer Needs a Plan"

       A time-management seminar by Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

      Where: TBA

      When: 1PM-5PM.

      Reserve a spot on the library training calendar.

Propose a Brownbag Session!

What: One or two members of the faculty will give a short presentation about research they are thinking of doing, are doing, or have recently done.   Each speaker will have 30 minutes that they can parse however they like -- 20 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for discussion; 30 minutes for discussion; etc.  Presentations need not be "formal".

Why:  We expect these sessions to be a way to inform our faculty about projects their colleagues are working on; a place to get ideas for how a project might be enhanced; a place to get ideas for research; a place to "practice" a talk; a place to find unexpected colleagues with whom to consult or work . . . and, of course, a place to have a stimulating lunch with your colleagues!

Who:  YOU?  Send your name and a title for the program you'd like to discuss at a Brown Bag to the RPC Chair.  If more than two speakers volunteer for a date, the additional volunteers will be invited to talk at another session.   The RPC will announce the slate of speakers a day or two before each session.

When:  Noon to 1:00 pm. on the last Wednesday of the month.

Where:  428 Library.

Lunch:  Bring your own.