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July 31, 2012 Meeting

Research and Publication Committee

July 31, 2012


Carissa Phillips (Chair)
Shuyong Jiang
Beth Woodard (ex officio)

1. Partnering with the Library's eResearch Task Force on presentations

The group will discuss this agenda item at a future meeting.

2. Presentation Planning

Outside presenters have approached the library about conducting a workshop on qualitative and survey-based research; this will hopefully be scheduled for this Fall. A suggestion was made to offer workshops centered on preparing submissions for conferences, and offering venues for people to do practice conference presentations.

3. Librarians’ Study Halls

These will be held Thursday mornings 9:00-12:00 in the Fall (tentative).

4. Periodic planning for Library faculty research support activities

 The group will discuss this agenda item at a future meeting.

5. Administrative

The group discussed the possible need to request a GA or grad hourly; revisions to the RPC website; and tracking of applications.

6. Additional Item

The initiative to buy a research book for each untenured faculty librarian will be announced at the September 20 untenured lunch. Some questions about how to administer this effort were discussed.