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January 31, 2013 Meeting

Research and Publication Committee

January 31, 2013


Carissa Phillips (Chair)
Beth Woodard (ex officio)
Dan Tracy (ex officio)
Shuyong Jiang
Jennifer Hain Teper
1. Welcome Dan Tracy  

The group welcomed Dan Tracy, Interim Library & Information Science and Research Support Librarian, to the committee. Dan has been actively involved in Division meetings and other venues to learn about current research projects in the Library. He is also developing resources for new Library faculty. The group discussed communication to introduce RPC to new Library faculty.

2. Support for APs (deferred at December meeting).

The group will initiate this conversation on email to allow all RPC members to participate and generate ideas in a timely manner.

3. Research book purchases for untenureds

The group discussed the purchase of research books for untenured and new visiting/interim librarians. RPC agreed that this would be a valuable project to fund again and will submit another application.

4. Applications and budget

The group invited questions regarding two applications. The group discussed the awards budget relative to awards granted to date and the awards currently under review.

5. Administrative

The group discussed policies for managing funds, including overspending funds and supplemental funding requests. The group discussed an award fund from 2011. The Project Outcomes form was sent to 2011 award recipients. The group discussed updates to the RPC website. 

6. Programming for Spring

The group discussed presentations to be scheduled. The qualitative and quantitative research methods presentation will tentatively be scheduled for March or early April. The group also continued the conversation about reinstating RPC brown bags. An email was sent to the past year’s awardees with the Project Outcomes form. The group discussed a session on RPC for new Library faculty. The group also discussed a presentation on IRB processes and best practices for librarians.

Our next meeting is February 28  1:00-2:00 in Library 308.