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Research and Publication Committee

November 30, 2011


Tina Chrzastowski (Chair)
Qiang Jin
Shuyong Jiang
Carissa Phillips
Beth Sandore
Beth Woodard

Two RPC applications were discussed and were awarded the full amount requested. All RPC awards for the current year are available on the RPC website:

The committee reviewed the awards for the year to date relative to the annual budge. The committee discussed that they are on target with funding, but looks forward to more requests.  Tina will send out an email to the faculty with a note about award recipients and to encourage all faculty members to submit an RPC request.

A discussion concerning the role RPC could play this year in connection with Beth Woodard’s group, the Untenured Library Research Support Working Group, centered on collaboration between these two committees.  RPC decided unanimously to provide funding to purchase a research methods book for untenured librarians.  We also discussed how RPC could support taking a research methods, statistics and/or other type of class to support research among library faculty.  Three ideas for classes, short programs or panels came out of our discussion:  1) bibliometrics and data mining, 2) ethnographic research and 3) survey methods.  Beth W. will pursue finding leaders for these proposed workshops.    A number of suggestions were made about possible speakers. RPC volunteered to help with either funding or the service of its members. 

Beth Sandore mentioned the work her Graduate Assistant is conducting on UIUC Library grants.  Beth offered to have this person come and speak to an upcoming RPC meeting and we will definitely take her up on that.  Tina did a very quick review of the assessment work her Graduate Assistant is conducting on the past five years of RPC awards.  The preliminary list of publications, presentations or other outcomes from RPC-funded research is found at  Tina also announced that the RPC website is undergoing a radical revision to streamline its look and feel.  Once we have a prototype ready, we will share it with RPC for feedback.

Our next meeting is December 21, 2011 at 2 p.m. in Room 230B.