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Research and Publication Committee
January 30, 2012


Tina Chrzastowski (Chair)
Shuyong Jiang
Qiang Jin
Carissa Phillips
Beth Sandore
Beth Woodard

Also Attending:

Jamie McGowan

RPC invited guest Jamie McGowan attended the meeting to present results from her research with Beth Sandore into library grantsmanship at the UIUC Library.  This study looked at six years of DMI (Division of Management Information; grant data.  The results were quite impressive: “During 2005-2011, Library grant proposals were highly competitive and successful in garnering external grants.  Of 147 grants submitted, 57.8% (85 grants) were awarded, which compared very favorably with the U of I campus-level success rate of 48.4% during the same period” (from the report, available from Beth Sandore).  Hoping to continue this excellent record, the committee discussed ways to encourage and support continued grant writing within the library.  One concern is the need to bring in newer, younger library faculty or APs in order to have a succession plan as older faculty retire and take their expertise with them.  The committee encouraged Jamie and Beth to continue to discuss how library grantsmanship can be encouraged, including a focus on the cost/benefit to the library and how our culture (and promotion and tenure priorities) might need to shift in order to encourage faculty to incorporate grant writing into their research agendas.  The RPC is willing to share in the educational and informational aspect of grant writing, and meetings with Beth Sandore, Beth Woodard, Jamie McGowan and RPC Chair Tina Chrzastowski are planned.

Beth Woodard led a discussion on workshops planned for this spring. The committee hopes to bring in an organizational speaker to address time management; this session might be a half-day and would be planned for just after the semester ends, in mid-May.  The committee is also committed to the continued support of untenured faculty and to faculty moving to full professor.  The group hopes to hold a “Statistics for Librarians” class, also in May, and Tina still plans to convene an informal (i.e at a bar) group of tenured professors who are interested in seeking full professor status.  During this discussion Tina also reconfirmed RPC’s commitment to purchase a “how to do research” book for each untenured faculty member. She will work with Beth Woodard to make this happen this semester.

The committee reviewed the RPC application of Lynn Wiley.  Lynn was awarded a Research and Publication grant of $500.00 to support her research for her upcoming book titled, “Understanding the Business of Library Acquisitions” (Revised Edition; ALA Monograph). 

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.