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August 30, 2012 Meeting

Research and Publication Committee

August 30, 2012


Carissa Phillips (Chair)
Shuyong Jiang
Jennifer Teper
Beth Sandore (ex officio)
Beth Woodard (ex officio)
1. Applications and budget

The group voted on two applications, discussed questions about an application, and assigned stewards for four recently-submitted applications.

2. Planning for presentations/brown bags

The possibility of having RPC brown bags by awardees who are 18-months or more past their award date was discussed.  A possible workshop on qualitative and survey-based research by outside presenters was discussed. The eResearch Task Force is interested in working with RPC to co-sponsor opportunities for librarians and staff to talk about research.

3. Administrative

The “books for untenureds” project is underway. Librarians’ Study Hall may be expanded to include staff, in order to enable staff members to pursue online training, for example, through The group agreed that a reasonable “deadline” for an application to be considered by the next meeting was a minimum of ten days before the next meeting. Also, the “short form” application cannot be located, either online or in the RPC folder, so it may need to be recreated.