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November 29, 2012 Meeting

Research and Publication Committee

November 29, 2012



Carissa Phillips (Chair)
Shuyong Jiang
Qiang Jin
Beth Sandore (ex officio)
Jennifer Teper
Beth Woodard (ex officio)

1. Applications and budget--update

The group invited questions regarding two applications. The group discussed the awards budget relative to awards granted since July and the awards currently under review.

2. Administrative

The group discussed policies for managing funds, including overspending funds and supplemental funding requests. The committee discussed monitoring procedures and reports or fund management and tracking.

3. Programming for Spring—update

The group discussed presentations to be scheduled. Beth Woodard will contact Glenda Morgan and Josh Morrill to discuss a qualitative and quantitative research methods presentation. The group also discussed a presentation on IRB processes and best practices for librarians. The group also continued the conversation about reinstating RPC brown bags. Someone from the committee will contact the past year’s awardees to gauge interest in presenting.

Our next meeting is December 20, 11:00 am in Room 230b.