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March 29, 2012 Meeting

Research and Publication Committee 

March 29, 2012


Tina Chrzastowski (Chair)
Shuyong Jiang
Qiang Jin
Carissa Phillips
Beth Sandore
Beth Woodard

1.  The committee reviewed and approved an application. All RPC awards for the current year are available on the RPC website:

2.  The upcoming Brown Bag sessions that RPC is sponsoring were discussed. Due to the AUL for User Services interview taking place on April 4, the session scheduled for this day was moved to Friday, April 13.  It will focus on internal Library and Campus funding, with two speakers, Ron Banks (IRB) and Linda Owens (Survey Research Lab).  Beth Sandore and Jamie McGowan are organizing the first session (April 11), which will focus on external funding resources.  Both Brown Bags will be held in Room 428 Library at noon, lasting about 1 hour.

3.  The committee discussed a recent request for an RPC award extension. This request came after the 1-year deadline.  Tina told RPC that this is the latest of many requests for extensions this year (5 out of 12). The group talked broadly about extensions for RPC awards, and agreed that untenured faculty have the most leeway in requesting more time; however, RPC will, with next year’s new committee and award cycle, begin to limit extensions to 6 months and will reconsider granting extension requests without sufficient reason.

4.  The RPC was asked to work with Beth Woodard’s group, the Awards and Recognitions Task Force, to help shape the proposed Research Award.  RPC discussed the draft, compiled by Beth Sandore and Tina Chrzastowski.  A few revisions will be made including checking with FRC Chair Jennifer Hain-Teper. After the revisions are made it will be forwarded to the committee.

5.  Beth Sandore brought up a new blog posting “service” that has been created by Jamie McGowan.   It is a template that will allow the individual or the Library Advancement Office to enter in details about a new grant award and result in a posting made to the site, along with an RSS feed.  This is a great way to highlight our research; the committee talked further about how to promote our own accomplishments and noted that this type of blog/RSS does not have to just be about grants, but could address all areas of research and publication. 

Our next meeting is April 26 at 11 a.m. in Room 230B.