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September 27, 2012

Research and Publication Committee

September 27, 2012


Carissa Phillips (Chair)
Lisa Hinchliffe
Shuyong Jiang
Qiang Jin
Jennifer Teper

Beth Woodard (ex officio)

1. Status of applications, budget, and potential for additional funding

The group discussed three open applications, as well as the awards granted through the end of September. September 2012 was a record month of application and award activity.  Because of the high number of awards since the fiscal year began, RPC may need to seek additional funding to continue making awards through June 2013. Inquiries about additional funds have been made.

2. Planning for presentations/brown bags

There are currently two presentations being scheduled—one for qualitative and quantitative research methods for librarians and another for IRB processes/best practices for librarians. The group talked about approaching RPC award recipients to reinstate the RPC brown bags. Other presentation ideas included showcasing research done by APs, and having a presentation by journal editors and board members within our Library.

3. Administrative

The group talked about ex officio participation; application tracking; awardee follow-up and outcomes tracking; revisions to the application process; updates and corrections to the RPC website; and processes for making minutes available.

4. Role of RPC in mentoring or coordinating mentoring

The group may decide to continue this conversation at a later meeting of the committee due to time constraints.