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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 1999-2000

Recipient Project Title / Description Request

of Award

Date of
Kathleen Kluegel An Investigation of the Impact of the Internet and World Wide Web in Information Services in Eastern and Western European Academic Libraries. Travel;
Rental of portable computer
$930 9/23/99
Narindar Aggarwal Bibliographies of the Hindi and Nepali Languages. Travel $850 10/22/99
Paula Watson Role of women's organizations in the development of American public libraries. Photocopying $100 10/22/99
Lynn Wiley What’s the Inside Story on ‘Inside’: An Examination of Document Delivery Orders Made from the British Library Service ‘Insider’ and a Comparison of that Service to Other Commercial Document Delivery Suppliers. Graduate Assistant $1657.50 11/15/99
Lynne Rudasill Library Literacy in the Social Sciences: A Survey. Graduate Assistant $331.50 11/15/99
Fung-yin Simpson Complication of Chinese Geographic Names: From Wade-Giles to Pinyin. Graduate Assistant $1768 2/23/00
Priscilla Yu The Role of Chinese-American Librarians at the American Library Association: A Historical Study, 1950-1990. Graduate Assistant $2652   5/10/00
Ellen Swain Student Life Oral History Project. Student Assistant;
Equipment (transcription machine, recorder, cassettes)
$3000 6/21/00
Al Kagan Travel to four South African cities to research the transformation of four university libraries and schools of library and information science.  Travel $3000 6/27/00
Mary Beth Allen "Sports and Fitness:  A guide to Reference and Information Sources", a book to be published by Libraries Unlimited.  GA assistance $2243 7/27/00
Jenny Johnson Blaeu City Vignettes. Slide preparation for a presentation $133 7/27/00

Total funds awarded to RPC applicants 1999-2000: 16,665.00. 

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