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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 1998-1999

Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount
 of Award
Date of
Marek Sroka Library Education in Poland after the End of the Cold War. Travel $1200 9/25/98
Wei Ma and Timothy Cole Building a Database Selection Expert System. Graduate Assistant $5615 12/2/98
Gail Hueting and Tom Kilton National Socialist Belles-Lettres and the Library of Congress Cooperative Acquisitions Project for Wartime Publications: A Catalog of the University of Illinois Collection. Graduate Assistant $3013 12/2/98
Pat Allen A Prototype Outreach Information System for the State of Illinois. Graduate Assistant $5667 1/5/99
Bill Brockman Covering and Marketing James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Travel $462 2/2/99
Tina Chrzastowski American Chemical Society National Meeting Slides and Overheads $129 3/1/99
Paula Watson The Role of Womens’ Organizations in the Development of American Public Libraries. Graduate Assistant;
$2465 4/19/99
Tina Chrzastowski Marion Emeline Sparks: The Professional Life of an Early Twentieth Century Science Librarian. Travel $444.65 5/28/99
Mary Beth Allen "Sports and Fitness: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources." Graduate Assistant $5562 5/28/99
Fung-yin Simpson Chinese Geographic Names: From Wade-Giles to Pinyin: A WWW Reference Tool to Display Wade-Giles, Former LCSH, Revised LCSH, Pinyin and Chinese Script. Graduate Assistant;
Chinese Word Processing software
$1644 6/17/99
Jane Block A Belgian Painter in India:  Guillaume Van Strydonck's Sojourn, 1891-1895. Travel;
purchase of photographs
$3700 7/30/99

Total funds awarded to RPC applicants 1998-1999:  $29,901.65. 

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