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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2010-2011

RecipientProject Title / DescriptionRequestAmount of AwardDate of Award

Shuyong Jiang

Open Access in China-Phase I Travel and on-site research $4340 10/4/10

Alvan Bregman

Consultation of Samuel Naylor correspondence in the Henry Crabb Robinson archives, Dr. William's Library, London Travel and on-site research $2388.10 10/8/10
Chatham Ewing  Database Review and Clean-up for Research Support Compensation for undergrad students $2500 11/11/10
Jenny Emanuel Usability Testing of the Library LEARN Portal Gift certificates for usability testing participants $300 11/17/10
Merinda Kaye Hensley The Intentional Employer Gift certificates for the study/survey participants $200 12/14/2010
Marek Sroka The Prussian State Library Collections in Poland: Questions of German Cultural Heritage, Re-Disposition and Repatriation of Cultural Objects (also supported by the UIUC Campus Research Board) Travel and on-site research $3080 2/8/2011

Merinda Kaye Hensley

Sarah Shreeves


Completing the Research Cycle: the Role of Libraries in the Publication and Dissemination of Undergraduate Student Research Compensation for a grad hourly and the Survey Research Laboratory consultation fee $2,415 2/16/2011
Jane Block Homage to Adrienne Fontainas: Passionate Pilgrim for the Arts Publication subvention $4,550 2/24/2011
Lisa Hinchliffe Correlating ALS and IPEDS Data on Libraries and Student Retention and Graduation Compensation for a grad hourly to interpret data output $4,567.50 3/2/2011
Rudy Leon Faculty Expectations for Undergraduate Student Technology Use in Coursework Survey analysis and Survey Research Lab cost $2,650 3/7/2011
Harriett E. Green Collections, Repositories, and the Future of Humanities e-Research Compensation for a grad hourly to assist in set up and administration of surveys, and the collection and collation of data $913.50 3/23/2011
Qiang Jin Functional Requirements for Authority Data and Resource Description and Access Compensation for a grad hourly $493 5/13/2011


Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during academic year 2010-2011: $28,397.10