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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2008-2009

Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount of Award Date of Award
Caroline Szylowicz
Drawings in Marcel Proust's correspondence Translation of article needed for research $315.00 7/18/08
Travis McDade
The Kindred Book Cutting Project Travel $1,965 9/30/08
Lisa Hinchliffe
Testing the Usability of Library Video Tutorials Compensation for student volunteers $300.00 10/17/08
Marek Sroka
Polish Cultural Restitution Manuscript Travel and editing $1,973 11/14/08
Jennifer Hain Teper Assessment of Changes in Physical Condition of Materials Scanned in LSDIs (Large Scale Digitization Initiatives) Graduate student hourly $1530 12/11/08
Al Kagan The Impact of Progressive Library Organizations in the US, Western Europe, and South Africa. Travel $3000 12/12/08
Robert Slater Undergraduate Research Method Projects at the University of Illinois  Gift cards for undergrad students participating in the study $300 1/6/09
Tina E. Chrzastowski I-Share Monograph Collection Assessment Graduate student hourly $1377.60 2/24/09
Shuyong Jiang Chinese Ancient Book Collection in mid-to-small-size Libraries in North America Graduate student hourly $843.78 4/2/09
Atoma Batoma A Short Thesaurus of Onomastics Software $460 4/29/09
Marek Sroka Polish Cultural Restitution Manuscript Editing $100 5/6/09
Mary Beth Allen The Sprague Scientific Integrity Bibliography Graduate student hourly $2880 5/15/09
Miranda Remnek The Space of the Book in the Russian Social Imagination Publication subvention (also funded by Campus Research Board) $1572.40 6/18/09
Kirstin Dougan Musicology Dissertation Indexing in Dissertation Abstracts, Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology, RILM, and Music Index Graduate student hourly $688.80 6/18/09


Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during academic year 2008-2009:  $17,305.58