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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2006-2007

Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount  of Award Date of
Susan Searing
Analyze reference publishing for and about women from the advent of the women’s liberation movement (circa 1966) to the present day.
Undergraduate Hourly Assistance $390.00 8/5/06
Ellen Swain
Mary Elizabeth Remembers: A Portrait of Life in Rural Indiana
Undergraduate Hourly Assistance $1,200.00 9/11/2006
K. C. Coe
Reframing Arcimboldo's Librarian
Publication Expenses/Image Reproduction $250.00 11/17/2006
Tracie Wilson
The Campus Folksong Club: An Oral History Project (Travel/Equipment Funds)
Travel and Equipment $4,606.17 1/5/2007
Marek Sroka
The Recovery of Poland's Movable Cultural Property from the American Zone of Occupation, 1946-1949
Travel $1,652.00 3/1/2007
Lori Mestre
Survey of Multicultural Librarianship
Wages $1,440.00 3/1/2007
Cherie Weible
Swords and Plowshares: Book Manuscript research trip to NARA in Washington, D.C
Travel $607.00 3/1/2007
Kathleen Kern
Virtual Reference: Making Decisions the Fit Your Library Wages $1,481.00 3/2/2007
Yoo-Seong Song
Marketing Digital Library Services: Constructing New Brand Identities and Value Propositions Travel $2,844.00 6/11/2007
Paula Carns
Tracking Down Gothic Ivories in Baltimore and London Travel $1,199.00 6/11/2007
Rajwant Chilana
Developing a Global Resource Guide to Indian Cinema Travel $5,135.00 6/13/2007
Janice Pilch
International Copyright: A Guide for Librarians and Educators Travel $1,121.48 6/13/2007
Adriana Cuervo
A Census of Electronic Music Collections in the United States Survey $5,135.00 6/26/2007

Mary Laskowski
Trends in Faculty/Instructor Use of Reserve Services--EXTENSION
Undergraduate Wages $1,652.00 9/22/2006
Lynne Rudasille and Jo Ann Jacoby
User Centered Web Design for Librarians--EXTENSION
Wages $240 1/25/2007

Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during academic year 2006-2007: $28,952.65  

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