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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2005-2006

Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount  of Award Date of
David Griffiths Continuation of The Citation of Government Documents by International Relations Specialists Statistical Analysis $650.00 12/21/05
Mary Laskowski Trends in Faculty/Instructor Use of Reserve Services Undergraduate Hourly Assistance $1652.00 11/15/05
Paula Carns The Cult of Saint Louis and Capetian Interests in the Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux
Reproduction Fee $219.00 1/16/06
JoAnn Jacoby and Lynne Rudasill User Centered Web Design for Librarians
Travel and Undergraduate Hourly Assistance $2814.00 2/15/06
Cherie Weible and Stephanie Atkins State of the Stacks After Oak Street
Graduate Hourly Assistance


Jane Block La Maison d'art: forerunner of Siegfried Bing's Parisian gallery, L'Art nouveau
Translation Services $500.00 2/15/06
K C Elhard Harsdörffer's Librarian Reproduction Fee $75.00 2/15/06
Alvan Bregman Narcissus Luttrell's annotated pamphlets: A study of the relationship between the 17th-century collector's reading and the content of his political diaries.
Travel $540.01 2/15/06
KC Elhard
Harsdörffer's Librarian
Reproduction Fee $75.00 5/9/06
Susan Avery
Zeroing in on moving targets: Strategies for reaching transient teachers
Graduate Hourly Assistance $400.00
Shuyong Jiang
Is Faster Better? An Observation on Chinese Vendor Records
Graduate Hourly Assistance, Editorial Assistance $1,147.50
Steph Atkins
Remote storage/high density shelving facilities in the United States
Web-based Survey Tool Access $60.00 5/9/06
Bill Maher
Analyze a systematic sample of applications for access to information and records requested under UIUC implementation of IFOIA 1984-2004.
Academic Hourly Assistance $1,200.00 5/25/06

Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during during academic year 2005-2006: $10,563.05

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