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RPC Grants Awarded During the Academic Year 2002-2003


Recipient Project Title / Description Request Amount 
of Award
Date of
Allison Sutton Patterns of use:  Theses citation analyses and the implications for collection development and user education decisions. Hourly graduate assistance for data entry; photocopy funding $1700.00 11/21/02
Diane Schmidt Guide to Reference and Information Resources in the Zoological Sciences. Book to be published by Libraries Unlimited. Hourly graduate assistance for editorial tasks and website. $1569.60 12/12/02
Alvan Bregman Medical reading:  An English manuscript book list, a. 1684 Travel / Lodging

(awarded, but not needed due to alternate funding!)

JoAnn Jacoby Beyond gate / head counts:  A method for accurate assessment of library traffic and its relationship to reference activity, circulation patterns and electronic reserve use. Equipment $400.00 1/15/03
Jenny Marie Johnson Demarcating territorial acquisitions: Examining the changing story of the history of the United States" -- 19th and early 20th century US General Land Office maps of the United States illustrate how the explanation of United States territorial acquisition has changed through time. Slides $366.60 1/15/03
Christopher J. Prom Archival usability in an experimental setting. Hourly graduate & undergraduate assistance; copy cards $2,173.75 2/20/03

Jane Block

Théo Van Rysselberghe Travel expenses $1,085.00 2/28/03
  Janice Pilch Copyright legislation of the CIS nations and its importance for U.S. libraries: Part one: The laws of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova; Part two: The laws of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan; Part three: The laws of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Turkmenistan Travel expenses; photocopying $496.10 3/11/03
  Cherié Weible UIUC dissertation collection evaluation.  Graduate & undergraduate student assistance $421.60 3/14/03
David Griffiths & Karen Hogenboom Education for state and international documents librarianship. Undergraduate student assistance; data analysis by UIUC Survey Research Lab; postage $1346.05 3/25/03
Tina Chrzastowski & Lynn Wiley Illinois interlibrary loan assessment project, phase III.  (with a focus on the impact that full-text electronic journal packages have had on state wide sharing of journal articles. Graduate student assistance $1308.00 4/10/03
Lura Joseph  A comparison of online indexes used for quaternary research. Graduate student assistance $1308.00 5/5/03

    Total funds awarded to RPC applicants 2002-2003:  $12,674.70. 

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