Library Committee Handbook

Residency Program Implementation Group


Beginning with the report and recommendations submitted by the University Library Residency Program Working Group and supporting documents received through the approval process, the steering committee is charged with finalizing the framework, implementing the residency program, and providing guidance as the program develops. Working under the guidance of the program administrator, the committee will:



*Mark Puente at ARL may be a possible resource for this work.


The desired date for start of first cohort is Fall of 2017, so the committee should complete its first phase of planning work by December 31, 2016 and submit the first position(s) with the Spring 2017 hiring plan. Additional work on training and program materials can be done while the hiring process is in place and before the first cohort arrives.






Membership will consist of  a representative from Human Resources, the Information Sciences Librarian (ex officio), and a minimum of three members from the faculty at large.

Clara Chu

Sara Holder, chair

Cindy Ingold

Ali Krogman

Tom Teper

Sarah Williams

Donna Hoffman, ex officio - representative from HR

Dan Tracy, ex officio - Information Sciences and Digital Humanities Librarian