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RDS Committee




RDS (Research Data Service) Committee


24 February, 2015

The RDS Committee is charged with providing guidance, feedback, and support to the Director of the Research Data Service and to the University Library. As the eResearch Implementation Committee brought together subject specialists, research data librarians, and functional specialists, the RDS Committee will continue to bring these groups together to work with members of the Research Data Service, including the data curation specialists and data repository developer.  By creating close connections throughout the Library and the RDS, the Library’s research data program will continue to advance and evolve to serve as an effective model for other universities. The activities include:


-      Continued support of data-related, Library-wide activities such as the RDS Interest Group

-      Develop a model for a formal Library Research Data Network to facilitate proactive, structured, and rewarding opportunities for librarians to engage in research data mgmt and stewardship

-      Provide professional development opportunities

-      Identify important professional organizations and venues addressing data-related issues and provide an Illinois voice in those conversations

-      Work with the Data Services Committee to build strong ties with the Library’s data use and procurement activities to promote data literacy


The AUL for Research and the RDS Director will both serve as ex officio members, and the RDS Director will also serve as the ex officio Chair.  Membership is open to anyone, with a maximum membership of 15, and does not require prescribed participation from specific departments or units.  Members serve two-year terms, and below is a list of people who served on the eResearch Implementation Committee who would like to continue with the re-scoped RDS committee. Additional members will include data specialists (such as James Whitacre) and, once named, the two RDS data curators and RDS repository developer. Periodically, “resource people,” by virtue of their job responsibilities, may be asked to participate in meetings or activities on an ad hoc basis as necessary.    



Heidi Imker, ex officio, Chair

*Bethany Anderson (08/15/2018)

*Susan Braxton (08/15/2019)

*Peg Burnette (08/15/2018)

*Colleen Fallaw (08/15/2019)

*Harriett Green (08/15/2018)

*Karen Hogenboom (08/15/2018)

*Laila Hussein Moustafa (08/15/2019)

Helenmary Sheridan (08/15/2018)

*Ayla Stein (08/15/2019)

*Christie Wiley (08/15/2018)

*Sarah Williams (08/15/2019)


The RDS Committee supersedes the eResearch Implementation Committee and the eResearch Task Force: