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Nominations, Elections, & Voting Procedures Committee


The Nominations, Elections and Voting Procedures Committee is responsible for the overall supervision and conduct of all nominations and elections for members of the Executive Committee, for members of elected standing committees, and for University Senators representing the Library.  Its duties include: establishing procedures for Library Faculty nominations and elections; determining which Library Faculty members are eligible and willing to serve as committee members; insuring that nominations and elections are conducted in accordance with established procedures; certifying election results; and certifying results of special balloting.


The Committee consists of three members elected at-large from the Faculty to serve for a three-year term.  The person with the longest tenure on the Committee shall serve as chair.


Kelli Trei, chair (08/15/2017)

Beth Sheehan (08/15/2019)

Ayla Stein (08/15/2018)