Library Committee Handbook

International and Area Studies Teaching and Engagement Committee


Faculty in the International and Area Studies library teach and promote knowledge and research related to the societies, cultures, and intellectual output of the countries and regions supported by expert services and research collections. This aspect of international and area studies librarianship requires faculty and staff in the IASL to expand teaching opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting and use their expertise to make international and area studies knowledge accessible, engaging, and relevant to the campus’ research, teaching, and engagement efforts. These teaching activities also support key campus research and teaching missions to better support cultural and international understanding while promoting activities focused on tolerance and diversity within a pluralistic society. The IASL Teaching and Engagement Committee (IASL TEC) will marshal the expertise and resources of the Library to support this mission through the development of resources, online publications and media, and teaching activities. As a committee, the TEC is not charged with the full implementation, delivery, and logistical work required for IASL’s programming. The work associated with the committee will be done in close partnership and collaboration with faculty and staff from inside and outside of IASL.   


The TEC Committee will report to the Head of the International and Area Studies Library, who will serve in an ex officio capacity.  Members will include at least four IASL faculty and staff. Further members will be solicited from partnering Library units and divisions including the Diversity Multicultural services librarian, the Mortenson Center, SSHEL, and Special Collections.  A committee chair will be selected from among the membership on an annual basis.

Atoma Batoma (08/15/2015)

Lisa Hinchliffe

Cindy Ingold (08/15/2015)

Qiang Jin

Lisa Renee Kemplin (08/15/2015)

Susan Schnuer (08/15/2015)

Antonio Sotomayor (08/15/2015)

Mara Thacker (08/15/2015)

Steve Witt, ex officio



The Committee will have access to IASL graduate assistants.  In addition, the shared RSS, Diversity, International Outreach graduate assistant will work closely with the committee.

Development of Resources: 

The TEC will work with colleagues within IASL, the library, and campus to create resources that facilitate access to and knowledge of the international and area studies services, collections, and expertise within the IASL and Library.  These resources will range from posters and promotional fliers to printed collection guides and web based resources.  Immediate needs include printed brochures and guides to provide patrons and visitors to the Library, and updated and enhanced webpages that clearly present services, expertise, and collections available through the Library.

Online Media:

The TEC committee will work to develop the IASL’ online content and social media presence.  This will include use of appropriate social media sites and creation of new content such as videos to highlight collections, services, and research techniques.  The committee is encouraged to partner with other Library initiatives that utilize and develop media to enhance access and disseminate information. 

Teaching Activities:

The TEC will promote expanded instruction activities that support international, area studies and campus internationalization efforts.  These include general support to increase the IASL’s capacity to deliver traditional instruction and information literacy training and new initiatives such as expanded support for ESL instruction and support for the needs of international students.  The TEC will also work to coordinate the use of Blackboard within IASL to develop new online workshops and teaching modules for students and scholars both on and off campus. 

The TEC will also help to organize IASL related activities.  These will be aimed at supporting the Library’s teaching mission by translating culture, social phenomena, and trends in international and area studies to the campus community and general public.  Ideally, these activities will take place as collaborative efforts.  Preference of scarce time and resources will be given to projects that include collaboration among IASL faculty, co-sponsored activities with campus area centers and departments, or partnerships with other Library units.  Examples of these include the Carnatic Music concert that involved collaboration and support from units across campus; the Sarajevo Olympics Display, which included collaboration within IASL; and the Library Research Showcase, which included collaboration with multiple library units.