Library Committee Handbook

Health Information Working Group

The campus initiative on health information has spawned a number of campus committees and task forces to address specific areas of interest, including translational research, biology education, health and wellness.  In January 2007, the Library convened a group of librarians to collaborate on ways to link library resources into the health information initiative and keep track of emerging areas of interest that will impact library collections and services.


The goal of the Health Information Working Group is to organize the Library’s research capabilities, content, expertise, and services into the Center for Health Information Support, which will serve as the preeminent source of information for the diverse array of disciplines that revolve around health and health professions. The three components of this goal, as stated in the Library's Strategic Plan (5/30/06) are:

  1. Create a unified web presence for health and allied health information.
  2. Identify and acquire access to critical information resources.
  3. Build partnerships with Extension and other units to extend our resources to members of the non-UIUC community.