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Tenure Evaluation Proposal

Tenure Evaluation Proposal 2011

Agenda item for 3/16 Faculty Meeting:

EC, FRC, and PTAC are investigating ways to provide more consistent evaluative feedback for tenure track faculty, particularly in the areas of research and service.     The proposal under discussion involves having PRCs shift to a more mentoring-focused role, writing only the librarianship evaluations for their candidate, and having PTAC and FRC provide the evaluative write-ups for research and service for all candidates.  ECs role would be to look at all write-ups and compose the overall evaluative statement for all candidates. 

Discussion Questions:  What is the best way for FRC and PTAC to provide consistent, objective evaluative feedback to tenure track candidates?  What should this feedback consist of in addition to scores?






  • Mentor
  • Write Librarianship evaluate statement
  • Change name – Peer Mentoring Committee?
  • Formally reviewed at 2Y
    • Provide initial feedback on Service and Research to PTAC based on regular scoring process


  • Consult FRC evaluations
  • Write Research + Service evaluative sections
  • Use bulleted format all years; but essay format at 3Y
  • Doesn’t write up 5Y candidates
    • Review evaluative statements from FRC and P&T
    • Write overall assessment of progress towards tenure statement
      • Review internal and external names for 5Y Candidates
      • Appoint PRCs
      • Review all tenure track candidate PRCs at 2Y in consultation with candidates




Paper Preparers


  • Submit internal and external names for 3Y, 5Y, and Full professor candidates
  • Write librarianship, and research statements each year
  • Can request new PRC at any time
  • Write all evaluative sections for 5Y and Full Professor candidates