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By-laws Proposal


The Bylaws Committee is proposing the following changes to the University Library Bylaws. The purpose is to encourage shared governance by bringing the bylaws into conformance with the principle behind the UIUC Senate rules change of February 20, 2006, “Change to Senate Standing Rule 13 to Require Faculty Votes for changes to Academic Units.”  UIUC Senate Rule 13 states in part:

“B. In any proposal for the formation or change in academic organization (such as, termination, separation, transfer, merger, change in status, or renaming) of an academic unit, as provided in the University Statutes, Article VIII, the advice of the faculty at each level (e.g., department, school, college, as applicable) shall be taken and recorded by vote of the faculty. Voting shall be as provided in the bylaws of each unit.”

Proposed amendment to Article VI, Section 1 (new language is indicated in bold font):


C. Changes in the structure of the organization shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Article IV, Section 4 and Article VIII, Section 2 of the Statutes. Changes in the structure or composition of the divisions shall be made only with the advice of the Faculty as taken and recorded by Faculty vote.

C.1.  Changes within a single division are subject to an advisory vote of the Faculty within that division.

C.2.  Changes that affect two or three divisions are subject to an advisory vote of the Faculty of each of the divisions affected.

C.3. Changes in four or more divisions are subject to an advisory vote of all of the Faculty of the Library.

This revised proposal was discussed at the July 23rd faculty meeting but we lacked a quorum and could not take any action concerning a ballot. Questions can be addressed to members of the Bylaws Committee: Al Kagan (chair), Mary Mallory, and Bill Maher.

Amendments to the Library Bylaws may be voted by electronic or mail ballot or at a subsequent special meeting of the Library Faculty.  Bylaws amendments require a two-thirds majority of those voting at a meeting or by electronic or mail ballot.