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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library IT Report

Below I've included the Library IT report I presented at last

Tuesday's faculty meeting. In addition, I've added

information that addresses two questions raised at the

faculty meeting regarding what services are available to us

in the Library, and the need for a library IT glossary.



Library Systems Office services:

(this is a good overall page for starters--click on "our

services" link in the left-hand navigation bar to see a full

listing of Systems' services)


Library IT Glossaries:

There are numerous digital library glossaries accessible

through the net, and many of them are not updated on a

regular basis. The information science school at Germany's

University of Duisburg has an interesting and up-to-date

glossary of digital library terms and definitions:



Office of Library Information Technology Report, Faculty

Meeting 9/21/05


I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know

about the high-priority activities that the Office of Library

Information Technology Planning and Policy is working on

during the fall semester.


1. Learning Commons: this semester the Library and CITES

will kick off the Learning Commons initiative—our opportunity

to re-conceptualize the Undergraduate Library space to

provide student-centered support for learning, working on

course-related assignments, getting help with using Library

content, and navigating the UIUC campus network and beyond.

In early October the Library and CITES will hold a kick-off

meeting with a planning group that brings in representative

from undergraduate-related programs all over campus. This

meeting will set in motion several implementation groups that

will assess student needs, recommend how CITES and the

Library will blend technology support and information content

services, and will recommend a physical layout for year one

of the Learning Commons. The targeted start date for the

Learning Commons is Fall 2006, but work on the services and

the physical space will commence in the Spring of 2006. Lori

Mestre, the newly-appointed Digital Learning Librarian, will

coordinate the Learning Commons initiative. Others in the

Library who are involved include: Joyce Wright, David Ward,

Lisa Hinchliffe, Bob Burger, John Weible, Beth Sandore. Once

the working groups are formed, a number of Library staff will

be involved in the planning and implementation. Support for

this initiative comes from the Division of Intercollegiate

Athletics, the Library, and CITES.


2. IDEALS: (Illinois Digital Environment for Access to

Learning and Scholarship)

IDEALS is a service offered through the University Library

and CITES under sponsorship of the Provost's Office to

preserve and provide persistent and reliable access to the

digital research and scholarship of faculty, staff, and

students on the UIUC campus in order to give these works the

greatest possible recognition and distribution. IDEALS aims

to complement traditional scholarly publishing. Sarah

Shreeves (Project Coordinator) and Tim Donohue (Research

Programmer) have brought up both an experimental and a

production version of the DSpace repository software, and

they are working with several campus units who are early

adopters of the system. There is a web site for the

initiative so that you can learn more The Web site will change as we

implement the production system and adopt a logo. Sarah will

provide a more in-depth update and more information about how

you can get involved in this initiative later in this meeting.


3. WebFeat Federated Search and SFX Open URL Link Resolver

implementations: Two teams are working to implement these

two software systems that the former ILCSO (now CARLI)

consortium has licensed on behalf of the consortium. SFX

introductory workshops are scheduled over the next few

weeks. Look for more communication on the roll-out of both

of these access-enhancing software systems in the near

future, both in LIBNEWS and at the web sites for each

initiative. The sites for both OLRIT! and the Feds are

linked to


4. CONTENTdm, the third system licensed by the ILCSO (now

CARLI) consortium, is a software system that supports the

development of digital image, audio, and video collections.

The Library has owned the CONTENTdm software for several

years now and there are a number of image collections already

available through the software. Nuala Koetter of the DSD

made a presentation on CONTENTdm at last week’s ILS forum,

but in the coming months look for more training and

informational activities on building digital collections

using CONTENTdm and other software systems supported by

Library IT. To see currently available digital collections

of the Library, check out


5. UIUC Library Joins LOCKSS Alliance to Support E-Journal


The University of Illinois Library recently joined the LOCKSS

program as members of the LOCKSS Alliance. LOCKSS (lots of

copies keep stuff safe) is a consortium based at Stanford

University of over 80 institutions world-wide that provides

open-source archiving software, and works with publishers to

get permission to archive Web versions of their e-journals.

Becoming a LOCKSS library involves setting up the LOCKSS

archiving software on a computer, and periodically archiving

selected e-journal titles to which the Library subscribes,

and for which the LOCKSS consortium has obtained permission

from the publishers.


LOCKSS has negotiated permissions to archive e-journals from

over 60 subscription publishers and a number of publishers of

open access journals

( taking

this step to join the LOCKSS Alliance, the University Library

is adding LOCKSS as one of several digital preservation

technology tools that it will use or acquire in the coming

years to fulfill our commitment to ongoing digital

preservation of important e-content.


The LOCKSS Alliance is a membership organization for

libraries interested in LOCKSS as part of their strategy for

building and preserving digital collections of e-journals and

other web-based content. Until recently LOCKSS has been

supported by a variety of grants and in-kind contributions.

The Alliance was formed recently in an effort to stabilize

the support for LOCKSS software development and program

activities. It is governed by a Board of Directors, and

staffed by project team members. The Alliance is working

intensively with the Board as well as a newly-appointed

Technical Policy committee to determine LOCKSS' technical

development directions and priorities, and how LOCKSS can

establish a permanent role in the library and publisher

communities. Beth Sandore is a member of the Technical

Policy committee, representing the UIUC Library.


Nuala Koetter and John Weible will be responsible for

implementing the LOCKSS server in the Library, and they will

work closely with the Office of Library Collections and

Acquisitions in this endeavor.


6. We have nearly passed the first year of joint work with

GSLIS, OCLC, NCSA and partner libraries in our work on the

Library of Congress National Digital Information

Infrastructure Preservation Program (NDIIPP)— For the next two years bothGSLIS

and the Grainger Engineering Library will concentrate on

testing and evaluating several open source institutional

repository software systems, and we will work with a number

of state and academic libraries to test the suitability of

different repository systems with different formats of

digital content (text, audio, video, numeric datasets). We

are also working with OCLC to develop and test tools that

will help libraries automatically collect and archive Web

information in very specific ways. This project brings

together librarians and computing professionals from the

Grainger Digital Library Initiative the Library Systems

Office, and the IDEALS institutional repository initiative.


7. Content Management Systems (CMS) to replace the Gateway

Web site:

Web content management systems help organizations with many

web pages and web-based forms and databases to keep better

track of their content and provide them with easier

mechanisms to keep their web content up-to-date. One big

reason why we are interested in content management systems so

that those of us who don't know how to create Web (or html)

documents can do so without knowing html encoding.


In late November, 2005, Library IT will initiate the formal

process of selecting a content management system for the UIUC

Library, and an implementation group will be appointed to

develop formal functional requirements and the group will

draw as much as possible on the needs expressed in this forum

by Library staff. We will target next fall, 2006 as the

initial roll-out time for the first public phase of the

Library's content management system.


In the next three months, the Services Advisory Committee

will work with Library IT to help all Library staff develop a

better understanding of what content management systems are

and what kinds of things they might support to make our work

more effective, if not easier. I'd like to encourage

everyone to participate in the Library’s CMS forum

discussion, and to try out some of the library CMS examples

at other institutions (Indiana University Library created

their own CMS that runs their entire public web site--it's

very nicely done). And, if you have questions or want to make

comments, please post them to the forum

(,or feel

free to email me (


8. Digital Services and Development unit has moved to the

Main Library and has set up its offices in Room 423. Please

stop by and welcome Nuala Koetter, Amy Maroso-Hatcher, and

YuPing Tseng. The DSD will be finishing up a joint IMLS

National Leadership Grant with the Illinois State Library

that has provided in-person and online digitization training

for hundreds of professionals from libraries, museums, and

archives in Illinois and world-wide over the past two years.

A final report with a survey of the effectiveness of training

will be forthcoming in early 2006.


9. New Titles List (RSS Feed). We are planning two upgrades

to the New Titles List this fall, after which we'll probably

declare it a finished product (at least until the next round

of Voyager release). Look for the first upgrade to be

announced on LIBNEWS in two or three weeks. While this is a

small project, it seems to have been very well-received,

particularly as one of the first forays into RSS feed



10. Work in committees or groups:

Several IT people will be actively involved in getting CAPT

off the ground this fall;


Following on two of the recommendations from the Digital

Content Creation Team (DCCT), two activities are going



Nuala Koetter and Chris Prom are working on a recommendation

to the Executive Committee to create new opportunities for

staff to work on Library digital projects;


A working group has been formed that will develop a plan for

long-term storage and digital preservation of the Library’s

digital assets. They will make a recommendation to the EC by

January 15, 2006.


21 Sept. 2005 (B. Sandore)

Beth Sandore

Associate University Librarian for

Information Technology Planning and Policy

Professor of Library Administration

246A Library

1408 W. Gregory Drive

University of Illinois

Urbana, Illinois 61801

Tel. 217.333.2592

Fax 217.244.4358