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Developing an Automated and Dynamic Library Environment

 A Planning, Training, and Implementation Program for

Carnegie Grantee University Libraries



Three year grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York

April 1, 2005 – March 31, 2008


Project Goal


Assist university librarians from seven Carnegie grantee institutions in East and West Africa to move into a fully automated on-line catalog environment and a computer-based library management system to better serve the research and learning needs of their users




Ghana:  University of Ghana – Legon and University of Education – Winneba

Nigeria:  Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Jos, and Ahmadu Bello University

Tanzania:  University of Dar es Salaam  

Uganda:  Makerere University in Uganda


Strategic Objectives


1.   Each university will commit to the goal of the project and undertake the task of identifying or procuring the needed resources (in conjunction with the Carnegie Corporation, if necessary).

2.   Each university library, with the assistance of the Mortenson Center, will engage in an automation planning process and will develop a comprehensive plan for library automation with measurable goals.

3.   Each university library and its staff will actively participate in the implementation of an automated catalog and a computer-based library management system and will report regularly to the Mortenson Center on the progress of the implementation.

4.   The library administrators and staff will develop expertise in the planning for, and the implementation of, an automated library system.

5.   The Mortenson Center will assist each university library in the implementing of an automated system by providing or coordinating the necessary planning, technical and professional development assistance over the three years of the project.

6.   The university libraries and the Mortenson Center will work together to establish better communication with library software and hardware vendors and to encourage the vendors to provide better assistance for their products.




  1.   Visit each year by team from the Mortenson Center to provide assistance in the   

            planning and implementation of an automated system

      2.   Establishment of on-going training, technical support, and communication   


      3.   Development of two-way reporting and communication system between the     

            Mortenson Center team and the library project planning teams

      4.   Participation by library staff in the Mortenson Center program for professional   


      5.   Increased communication with library software and hardware vendors

      6.   Ongoing evaluation component


Expected Outcomes


Measurable progress toward the implementation of a fully automated online library

catalog and library management system 


Specific outcomes:

  1. A written agreement between the Mortenson Center team and each institution      

      detailing the goals of the project, and committing to identifying and/or procuring  

      the needed resources for the project.

  1. A baseline assessment by the Mortenson Center team of the current plans and strategies for automation at each institution.
  2. The development of a comprehensive automation plan with measurable goals at each institution.
  3. The formation of a team of well-trained individuals at each institution.
  4. More effective relations between each library and the software and hardware vendor community.
  5. A final assessment document by the Mortenson Center team that will review the progress of each institution and offer strategies for future plans.


Mortenson Center for International Library Programs


Professional development center offering programs to librarians around the world that 

seeks to strengthen international ties among libraries and librarians world.

Librarians and information specialists from 86 countries have participated in programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.


Barbara J. Ford    Susan Schnuer