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PTA Committee Update at 18 May Library Faculty Meeting (submitted by Tim Cole)

(This is a retype of the hardcopy original) WAS


This is brief update on Library PTA activities so far in 2005 and on the Committee’s future plans for this year.  I anticipate making an end of the year final report to the faculty in December. 


1. Membership: As a reminder, I serve as Library PTA Chair and Committee 2005 members are:


2. January Workshops: There was a slight delay in conducting elections to PTA this year, so last year’s Committee went ahead and in collaboration with Library FRC conducted two forums for Library faculty.  The first, held 21 January in the Grainger Commons, dealt with special considerations for 3Y PRC reports and the relation of our 3Y PRC report process to Campus Communication 13 (mandatory 3Y review of University faculty).  The second forum, held 27 January also at Grainger, dealt more generally with Annual Reports, PRC reports and the promotion and tenure dossier.  These are regular forums, so faculty feedback on thing we should do differently next year is welcome.


3. PTA advice to UL regarding process-to-date of 3Y Library faculty: The campus mandates rigorous, formal, written evaluation of all untenured faculty in the 3rd year of their probationary period.  For the Library, this evaluation takes the form of a 3Y PRC report.  Campus guidelines require that the 3Y written evaluations be reviewed and approved by the College Executive Office (in our case Paula) and by appropriate college bodies (in our case Library PTA) before being shared with the candidates.  This spring Library PTA reviewed eleven 3Y PRC reports and provided advice to Paula in the form of a brief one page memo for each report.  We offered comments on the substance of each PRC report, our assessment of the progress-to-date of each candidate, and our opinion as to the readiness of each report for signature by Paula.  We ranked progress-to-date for each candidate on a scale of 1-4 with rank 1 indicating satisfactory progress, no major concerns, and rank 4 indicating lack of adequate progress and a consensus that the candidate could not meet requirements for tenure before the end of the probationary period.  I’m happy to report that we had no rank 4 cases, but we did have at least one rank 3 case and several rank 2 cases – so there’s ample work still to be done.  No one should feel complacent, but on balance our sense is that most current 3Y Library faculty are making good progress towards tenure.  We’re optimistic that most will be ready in 3 years.


4. PTA critique of 0Y-3Y PRC reports, ongoing:  This year Library FRC and Library PTA share responsibility for reviewing Library PRC reports, with Library PTA responsible for twenty-one 0Y-3Y reports.  As mentioned in my recent post to LIBFAC-L, PTA review of PRC reports is ongoing.  We expect to be finished in about a month.  Each PRC will receive from Library PTA a brief (1-page) critique of their PRC report, with a cc to Paula and the candidate.  We are critiquing reports on completeness, correctness, appropriate use of referees, quality of PRC evaluative statements, and quality of candidate statements. Critiques are necessarily subjective and we don’t assume all PRCs will agree with all of our comments.  Our comments are intended constructively and we hope they’ll be taken that way and will be useful for next year.  We are not asking anyone to go back and change or fix a PRC report from this year.  We’re hoping to make a strong part of the Library’s approach to mentoring junior faculty even stronger and more consistent.  We’re also hoping to learn from this process what we need to fix in our own documentation and guidelines.  Constructive feedback on process is welcome from the faculty. 


5. P & T dossier workshop: Our annual workshop on P&T dossier preparation (co-sponsored with Library FRC) will be held at 1:30 June 2nd in the Grainger Commons.  This workshop is mandatory for candidates expecting to go up in the fall and for paper preparers who’ll be preparing dossiers for the fall.  4Y faculty also may want to attend.  We will review guidelines and tips for preparing P&T dossiers (available on our Web page) and talk in particular what happens to those dossiers in the Library and at the campus level.  We’ll also address some of the differences in the process between cases for promotion to associate professor and cases submitted for full professor.


6. Plans for the Summer:  We have 3 major items currently on our agenda for the summer:


7. Upcoming (fall 2005) P & T cycle:  We are looking forward to a relatively light fall in terms of number of P & T cases submitted to campus.  At this point we anticipate only 2 promotion to associate professor and 2 promotions to full professor cases will come before the Committee in the fall.  A special full professor PTA committee has been named to review the latter two cases.


8. Finalizing calendar & documents for 2006:  In November and December of this year we will finalize the documents and next year’s master calendar for PTA & FRC. We hope to be a little more timely than usual and actually complete our work by early December.  Time will tell.


Others on the Committee who are here may want to elaborate or mention other work I’ve neglected. After that, I’ll entertain any questions.