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Library Bylaws Amendments Summary

Article III, Section 2, Part B3 and B4;

The Senate Document on Dean Review Guidelines recommends that the chair of a 5-year evaluation committee be from a different College.  However, the Guideline does not prohibit the Vice Chair of the Library Faculty from chairing the planning committee for the evaluation.


Article III, Section 2, Part C1 and

Article III, Section 3, Part D

It has been recommended that the Secretary of the Faculty coordinate the minute-taking of Faculty meetings with any library staff that are already performing this task.  The Secretary would continue to be responsible for any corrections and distribution of meeting minutes.


Article III, Section 3, Part E; and

Article V, Section 3;

This change reflects the new contract periods established by the University.


Article III, Section 3, Part G

This revision allows the option of allowing NEVP to conduct a special ballot vote when voting on motions.


Article V, Section 2, Part A

This addition limits membership on the Library Executive Committee to 100% FTE tenured or tenure-track faculty members.  Because of the important role of EC members, visitors, research associates, adjuncts, and those with less than 100% FTE contracts would be excluded from membership.


Article V, Section 6, Part B; and

Article VI, Section 3, Part B

Grammatical corrections.


Article VI, Section 2, Part A1

This change reflects the different job descriptions of the current Associate University Librarians. 


Article VI, Section 2, Part B

Like Assistant/Associate University Librarians, Staff Directors would be appointed with the consultation of the Executive Committee.


Article VII, Section 1, Part B1

Proposed changes for the membership, meeting frequency, and methods of meeting minute distribution for Administrative Council. 


Article VII, Section 1, Part 3c

It has been recommended by NEVP that the election process for the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee be conducted in the same manner as the process for Executive Committee.  The NEVP committee found the preferential ballot was difficult to manage.


Article VII, Section 1, Part B1f; and

Article VII, Section 1, Part B2b4f

Library Office Notes has become Library Online News. 


Article VII, Section 1, Part B2a; and

Parts B2d-e

Changes reflecting the title change of the Director of Collections and Assessment to the Associate University Librarian for Collections.


Article VII, Section 1, Part B2b3

Many of the listed faculty member titles have been changed or eliminated.  The Bylaws need to update these titles as appropriate. 


Article VIII, Section 4

It has been recommended to add procedures for vacancies on committees represented by Divisions.


Article IX, Section A

This change excludes Assistant University Librarians and Staff Directors for membership on the Grievances and Appeals Committee.