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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Personal Annual Report Guidelines 2004 Reporting Year

Please use the outline below to write your annual report. The librarianship section of your report (Part 1) may not be more than three pages in length. You must use an 11 point font or larger. 



Library or department:

Tenure status (Tenured or untenured. If untenured please list your tenure year, e.g. 3Y) :


Part 1.             Librarianship (for the 2004 Reporting Year):

The purpose of this section of the report is to highlight significant accomplishments in the performance of your job over the course of the past year and other contributions you made in support of the library’s mission. A comprehensive description of all activities is neither expected nor desired.  Provost’s Communication 21 specifies that there be a connection between afaculty member’s activities and the mission and expectations of the unit and university. The Library’s Mission Statement, taken from the Strategic Plan, follows:

The University Library exists to serve the curricular and research needs of the students and faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by making available published materials, unpublished documents, and electronic resources that together comprise a current and retrospective record of human knowledge. As an integral part of the worldwide scientific and scholarly community, the Library engages in alliances with other institutions nationally and internationally to further the development of its collections and the provision of information resources. As a major component of the statewide library and information services network, the Library provides service to users across the State of Illinois. Building upon a rich heritage, the Library seeks to maintain a strategic position as an institution of worldwide renown that offers unparalleled opportunities for intellectual exploration.

Please consult the Mission Statement and the 2005-2009 Strategic Plan Goals at  in writing this section. The librarianship section of your report may not be more than three pages in length. The FRC will only read the first three pages submitted in this section .


1.                  Significant accomplishments this year. Please describe, in paragraph or outline form, up to three of your most significant accomplishments as they relate to your position and in what way they were instrumental in supporting the library’s mission.

2.                  Other important activities this year. Please describe other activities in which you were engaged (e.g. mentoring junior faculty, serving on library taskforces, etc.) that had an impact on the success of the library. Report library related user instruction activities, including GSLIS teaching, here.

3.                  Honors, Recognitions, and Outstanding Achievements related to librarianship.

4.                  Grants received for library equipment and activities.


Part 2.            Publications and Creative Works (for the Years 2002—2004):

Publications, research, and other scholarly or creative activities during the last three years (20022004) are reported here. This section is divided as in the following outline:

1.                  Honors, Recognitions, and Outstanding Achievements related to publications and creative works.

2.                  Editorships of scholarly journals or other learned publications . Include here editorships of scholarly journals and learned publications, service on editorial boards, editing columns in scholarly journals, etc. (Also include editorships of professional society publications, including magazines, newsletters, or columns in newsletters, in the Service section).

3.                  Grants received (for research).

4.                  Publications in print or electronic format that are published, accepted, or submitted but not yet accepted . Include all types of published, performed, or exhibited intellectual contributions reflecting scholarly or creative accomplishment or expertise. Indicate if work is refereed, invited, or went through any other professional review process. 

      Use * to denote refereed item.

      Use ** to denote invited item.

Using the citation guidelines developed by the Promotion and Tenure Committee at, include complete bibliographic or descriptive information. List publications with all authors listed in the same order as on the original publication (e.g., do not list multiple authorship as simply "with professors x, y, and z"). Within each category, place the items in chronological order.  Include pagination for published works or number of pages for manuscripts (accepted or submitted).

4a.       Books authored or co-authored.

4b.       Books edited or co-edited.

4c.       Chapters in books .

4d.       Monographs (longer than an article, but shorter than a book)

4e.       Articles in journals.

4f.        Creative Works (Exhibitions, Commissions, Competitions, Performances, Art or Architecture Executed):  include activities such as artistic performances, and exhibitions.    Include in-house library exhibits under Librarianship.

4g.       Bulletins, reports, or conference proceedings:  include reports of organizations, task forces, committees, etc., which are published.  Include ERIC documents and encyclopedia entries here. The published proceedings from conferences should be listed separately here. All conference presentations should be listed under service regardless of whether the conference published its proceedings.

4h.       Published abstracts of papers presented at conferences.

4i.        Book reviews, Vendor product reviews,  or abstracts of another author's work.

4j.         Other.

5.               Research in progress :  current research projects.  Include continuing but uncompleted research or publication projects, research not yet submitted for publication, and research proposals in preparation.  This section should include papers and presentations at conferences that you expect will be converted into published articles. Briefly describe these projects including:

5a.       Title or topic and short description.

5b.       Progress to date (for example: research underway, research completed, presentations made, or first draft completed).

5c.       Number of years in progress.

5d.       Expected completion date.

5e.       Plans for submission (for example: book, journal article, review, or conference presentation).

5f.        Additional notes (for example: publisher contract, jointly authored, or invited).


Part 3. Service (Public, Professional/Disciplinary, and University Service for the years 2002 to 2004):

Public, professional society, and other service activities during the last three years (20022004) are reported here. This section is divided as in the following outline:

1.                  Honors, Recognitions, and Outstanding Achievements related to service.

2.                  Public Service: Indicate the public service performed in assisting agencies, schools, businesses, or other groups and individuals who benefit from the knowledge, information and services within the University community.  To be recognized as public service, the activities should meet the following criteria: They contribute to the public welfare or the common good; They call upon a faculty member's academic or professional expertise; They directly address or respond to real-world problems, issues, interests or concerns.

(Include workshops, institutes, training sessions, poster sessions, papers, presentations, and lectures given locally (e.g., brown bags, Mortenson presentations.) Include presentations for user education under Librarianship.

3.                  Service to Disciplinary and Professional Societies or Associations:

3a.       Membership in professional organizations (List names of major organizations- not individual committees).

3b.       Offices held in professional organizations.

3c.       Editorships of professional society publications, including magazines, newsletters, or columns in newsletters.

3d.       Significant contributions or active involvement in professional organizations:   committee memberships, service as chair of committees, preparation of bylaws or reports for committees or other professional groups, editorship of newsletters or columns in newsletters.  Provide a brief description of contributions and/or involvement in each committee.  Indicate length of term and whether appointed or elected.

3e.        Attendance at professional conferences, coursework or workshops taken to enhance work related professional development (including continuing education programs).

4.                  Other Professional Service:

4a.       Service as a referee for research.

4b.       Review panels (e.g. for Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions).

4c.       Professional teaching and workshops within the profession.

4d.       Lectures and conference presentations. Indicate length of lecture, talk, or presentation in manuscript pages or time.  Indicate if presentation proposal was refereed or invited.

Use * to denote invited presentation

            Use ** to denote presentations you contributed or proposed

4d.       Formal consulting , paid or unpaid; serving as a referee for other than research related work. (e.g., referee for non-UIUC faculty promotions).

4e.       Significant community activities , related to professional service (include here formal classroom teaching for non-credit courses).

5.                  University/Campus Service: Indicate service on Library, departmental, college, campus and university committees as well as administrative assignments.  Report also service on state, regional, and consortial committees (e.g., ILCSO, CIC), service on thesis or dissertation committees).



Revised 12-14-04 (FRC by WM)