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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Checklist of Required Elements for Annual Review of Faculty in Communication #21

Library Faculty Review Committee Summary

October 16, 2001


  Yes  No Who How
Annual Faculty Reviews Ö   FRC But doesn't review "contributions to the mission of the unit"
3Y   Ö   Library policy is to do 3Y reviews IN ADDITION to annual reviews
Hired within year Ö      
Grant-contract hires Ö      
Retirements Ö      
1. Statement of Mission        
Statement of Mission Ö      
Expectations of faculty   Ö "Library" or "Unit"? unit goals need to reflect consultative

process; include short- and long-term strategies

2. Faculty documentation        
A. activities Ö      
B. goals   Ö Individual + unit head Need goal-setting training or sessions; Use train the trainers format from ARL training last year

Also how will feedback on the goal-writing be accomplished? NOT FRC's role

C. Connections   Ö Individual  
3. Roles defined Ö     In Bylaws
4. Option for periodic broader review   Ö FRC Use Visiting Committee structure to elicit comments from external reviewers, committee chairs, supervisors, etc.???
5. Feedback        
  • Salary recommendations
  • Progress towards expectations
Ö For untenured faculty only, through the Visiting Committee Ö Not for tenured faculty; those not on tenure track FRC, "supervisors"? Move from 3 to 4 levels of groupings?

Report actual scores?

Evaluation sheets with brief comments where appropriate?

Use VC format for ALL annual evaluations?

6. Record Keeping        
Annual reports kept on file Ö      
Written feedback kept on file   Ö    
Written response from faculty member   Ö    
Grievance Ö FRC reviews scores for consistency, appeals go to EC Ö University Librarian and By-Laws Committee Drafting document to present to faculty; will discuss at future faculty meeting
Guidelines for review of the faculty review system   Ö University Librarian