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College Budget Meetings

These meetings came as a result of the Library Allocation Steering Committee recommendation to strengthen the communication of academic priorities to the Library.  The LASC recommendation calls for a twice-annual meeting with college deans or their representatives.  As a result, the Provost shared all the college budget requests this year among the deans.  He asked that they be kept confidential.

Karen Schmidt has been meeting with the deans or their representatives and has asked subject librarians to join her.  A summary of the meetings that have been held to date was distributed.  There are some over-arching themes that emerged from these discussions, including the strongly-articulated need for standard medical journals, especially in electronic format, and for medical reference materials (from ALS, Social Work, Engineering and Vet Med); the growing interdisciplinary nature of study and research on campus; and the strong interest in having the Library maintain its archival collections for future research.


FALL, 2001


College/School Contact Programmatic issues Library issues Distance ed?
Applied Life Studies Ruth Watkins Interdisciplinary: aging, health policy, exercise; disability research; sport management; community outreach with Alcohol 101, cancer awareness, etc.; possible Human Sciences collaboration: ALS, Education, ACES Need for SPHS assessment tools; medical resource needs continuing to mount Probably – internships in SPHS, leisure studies, etc. 
CBA Deans Neuman and Ghosh Interdisciplinary, e.g., food & ag management, technology & management; strong need for data sts and informational data bases; emerging areas are eCommerce, management info., and int’l business Funding for data sets Possibly – exec MBA program
Engineering Myron Salamon Bio-engineering and IT are big push; doubling of computer science program; "smart" building; Physics also has IT push Air & rail transportation emerging; 24 x 7-like needs; IEEE no
Fine & Applied Arts Dean Conlin Arts & technology; "digital revolution pushing arts" Space issues; print needs; resources used differently from other disciplines; diversity of scholarship Not at this time; some occ. real-time artist connection
College/School Contact Programmatic issues Library issues Dist. Ed?
Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations Peter Feuille Move from union to human resource management; interdisciplinary affiliation with CBA; psych undergrads; DRI as it relates to SSI BNA & other products imp’t ; need for laptop accessibility no
LAS Howard Guenther Growth in ethic studies centers; focus on biotechnology, psychology, math, chem, philosophy; highly interdisciplinary; Program collaboration, start-up costs emphasized from us; outreach with new faculty and emerging areas; info literacy "not much"
Library & Information Science Linda Smith Highly interdisciplinary; minor undergrad, ethical issues in IT, music & information, web design, info architecture = 3 split appointments with Communications 24 x 7-like collections needed; growing interest in records management, archives & museums Yes, well along in thinking
School of Social Work Barry Ackerson Interdisciplinary; health issues (psychiatry, mental health); social services & cultural diversity; aging; Child Labor Resource Office; new facility? Internships put different use on collection Probable, with internship
Veterinary Medicine Dean Valli, members of lib comm Infectious diseases, genomics – interdisciplinary Access is paramount, esp. with location

standard medical jls. & ref. - feels lack of med school

Not at this time
Still to meet:        


Karen Schmidt