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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

DRAFT: Collection Advisory Committee

Charge:  The Collection Advisory Committee is the chief advisory group for the AUL for Collections.  It provides advice to the AUL for Collections on all matters pertaining to the collections, including budget allocation; collection policies on materials in all formats; funding; purchase, gift and retention procedures; preservation; and issues related to collection access.  The CAC develops agendas for Library forums on issues related to collections.   Through committee meetings, discussions and task forces, it seeks to challenge and refresh the Library’s approach to collection management and development issues, and to provide the highest standards of stewardship in collections to our users both now and in the future.

Composition:  The CAC includes representatives from the nine Library divisions.  Divisional representatives serve three year terms, and may be reappointed by their division.

 Area Studies
 Arts & Humanities
Central Public Services
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences & Engineering
Social Sciences
Special Collections
Technical Services

It also includes non-voting librarians who serve by virtue of their office:

 Acquisitions Librarian
 AUL for Collections
 Director of Electronic Information Services
 Head, IRRC
 Preservation Librarian
 Library Business Office representative

The AUL for Collections serves as chair of the committee.

In addition, 1-2 interns from among the Library faculty may be appointed to serve one-year appointments.  Interns are not voting members.

Annual budget deliberations will include two members appointed from the University Senate Committee on Library, who are non-voting.  The CAC serves as a committee of the whole in deliberating on and advising the AUL for Collections on collection budget allocations.

Meetings: the CAC meets at least 6 times a year, and more frequently as required by budget allocation considerations.  In addition, the CAC hosts at least 2 collection forums a year, for broad faculty discussion of collection issues.