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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 04-18-2012


Faculty Meeting

April 18, 2012




Call to Order

Standing Items:

Adoption of agenda

Adopted by a nomination from John Wagstaff, seconded by Lura Joseph


Approval minutes

Minutes were approved with a motion by Beth Sandore, seconded by Lisa Hinchliffe


Report of Librarian

The Library’s budget hearing was last week. We pointed out that the fee is not going to grow, so putting recurring costs on the fee has to end in the coming years.


The Library currently has 20 searches going on. That’s why EC’s discussion, later in the meeting, is important. A TOP/DUAL Career offer was made to Jameatris Johnson, spouse of Kyle Rimkus (who will be our new preservation librarian).


Kaufman reviewed the University’s current TOP (Targets of Opportunity Program). The preferred way to do TOP hires is through a search.  If the first choice meets the criteria it can be recommended as a TOP hire and the salary is paid (up to a specified limit) by the Provost until the person leaves. If the second choice in a pool meets TOP criteria and is of strategic importance to the Library, s/he can be recommended for a TOP hire.  If approved, the Provost pays part of the salary.


There is nothing that can be shared regarding the search for the new Provost.


Executive Committee Discussion Items


Recruit for Searches

EC has general concerns regarding searches.


David asked for any current searches chairs in attendance to give an update on the searches they are on.

Tom Teper is chairing the Middle Eastern and North African search. They have drafted the position description and sent it to Beth Woodard today. They started some outreach to various mentorship programs.


Steve Witt is chair of the Visiting South Slavic Research Specialist position. It is moving towards the interview stage and they will be interviewing candidates on May 3.

Beth Sandore is chair of the Media Commons Coordinator search. The position description has been posted, the committee is posting in additional venues and targeting diversity contacts. Each committee member is responsible for making a diversity contact.


Paula Carns commented that the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian search is in the interviewing stage. So far none meet the requirements so they are planning to extend the search and move the some of the required to the preferred list and reinterview. Many of the candidates fit into the diversity classification.


Jenny Emanuel is chair for the Metadata search. They have just received input back from EC.


Jim Hahn is chair for the IMLS Program Manager. They are working on the job description.


The Behavioral Sciences search committee has its first meeting on May 1.


Adriana Cuervo commented on the Visiting Archival Operations and Reference Specialist. The position description is finished and has been sent for approval.


Kirstin Dougan commented on the Coordinator of Library Assessment. The committee began interviews today and will continue with interviews tomorrow and Monday.


David talked about looking for ways we can be more active in recruiting and outreach to get bigger pools of qualified people with more diversity. We aren’t getting as qualified candidates as we want or as many as we want. We need to look at strategies and ideas to enrich the candidate pools. Jim Hahn, as the chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, has been encouraging search committees to make contact with qualified and diverse candidates. Individual contacts are most effective. He suggests using informal networks, calling people we know, calling people who know the area of expertise who might know someone and passing on job announcements and scheduling time with people to explore job descriptions.


Some people are sending job announcements to all the list serves on which they are active. Paula Kaufman encourages all committees to contact her if there is a candidate they think she may be able to sway or to make use of her contacts. Others outside of the University are posting the job announcements after being contacted by us. Former GAs can be good people to network with. Sometimes they liked working for us better than where they are at and can talk in a positive way to their colleagues about working at UIUC.


The CIC directory is a good way to find contacts with diverse backgrounds. Some people have looked for particular conferences and found lists of presenters and sent info to them. The University Foundation has a very active program for tracking prospects and tracking GAs. That might be a helpful system for the Library in search of candidates.


Large libraries attend ALA conferences. It might be a good idea to consider having a booth in the exhibit hall or at spectrum scholar events with information fairs. Someone would need to be tasked to find out where these are, think about ongoing short and long-term strategies. These are things an individual search committee can’t do.


Spectrum hire profiles have been on the web going back several years. Many of the LIS schools have booths at conferences. We could talk with representatives, recruiting for people from other schools. Harriett Green has lists that aren’t the typical lists that are clued into spectrum scholars and diversity scholars. We could take our job listings to affiliated meetings at ALA. All of these things take time and it’s hard work, but we get better results from the amount of work we put in.


One area we could look at is how difficult it is to find a job on the Library HR and AHR websites. You have to establish a login and password just to look at the site. Most other universities don’t require this, making it easier and more user friendly to look for jobs elsewhere. Maybe there is a way to link to job ads without having to login.


Another issue is to get the faculty more broadly involved so they are aware of the searches going on and when candidates are going to be around. It would be helpful to have as much advanced notice as possible when a candidate is here, but sometimes it’s not possible to give more than a week’s notice because we don’t know before that. We are trying to get candidates in as quickly as possible so we don’t lose them. Interviews could be listed on the Library calendar or another central place. Vitas could be sent out to Libnews beforehand. Donna is trying to standardize the presentation time at 11:00am for all candidates.


Strategic Plan Process – At the last EC meeting a small group was appointed to look at the activities under goals and discuss who might best address those goals. The group includes the AULS, Chris Prom and David Ward.


New Business:

Advanced Composition and Information Literacy Instruction

We are looking to expand our outreach to meet advanced composition requirement. Students can take more than one Advanced Composition (AC) class . Some AC classes meet other requirements.


It may be the best way to think about this problem of writing as they relate to the problem of navigating information. Generalist and subject librarians could integrate this in courses, look closely with program and some degree of training for subject and generalist librarians could be useful.


We could bring in some people trained in rhetoric comp, who run writing centers, and they could lead a couple of workshops. There are no requirements for faculty teaching AC to have any knowledge of writing across the curriculum issues. The only locus of quality control is that the Senate committee looks at general courses and does a periodic review of general syllabuses. We need a set of approaches that allow teachers to lean a little on librarians where they can get help and offer ways to give students help to address information needs



Mary Schlembach, chair of the search committee for Director, Information Technology Production Services. Would like help with recruiting or ideas for this position.


Steve Witt Introduced Mara Thacker, the new Visiting South Asian Librarian in IAS.


Adjourned 3:59pm