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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 02-01-2012


of the



Date: February 1, 2011

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Call to Order


Standing Items:


Adoption of the Agenda

The Agenda was adopted.


Approval of Minutes  

The Minutes from the November 16th meeting were approved.


Clarification Request:

Hinchliffe – A motion was past that the same annual report would be used by all faculty this year, but then we received an email from FRC saying that faculty could use their dossier. Officially, what is expected?


Kaczmarek - FRC had a meeting and because of the feedback they received from that meeting, the members agreed they could be more flexible and accept dossiers or the standard annual report.


Lisa made a motion to approve the minutes and Beth Sandore seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.


Special Financial Report on the University – Mike Andrechak


Mike Andrechak, Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Planning and Provost and Vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, provided an overview of the state of the University’s financial condition. Mike indicated we are moving in a positive direction, despite continuing difficulties with state funding. The State continues to owe the University, as a whole, approximately $330M. We have lost approximately 420 people through the voluntary separation program but that program brings a $19M savings to the Campus. Overall, the financial future of the campus is looking a bit brighter and headed in the right direction but state shortfalls remain a concern.


Chrzastowski – What changes do you see in pensions?

Andrechak – The University may have to pick up some costs for pensions. In lieu of budget cuts we may be asked to partially fund pensions.



Steve Witt, is the new Head of International and Area Studies.. Steve is the former Associate Director for Global Studies here at UIUC. Steve, who came to Illinois from the Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan in 2003, is a leader in international librarianship, having served in IFLA as Chair of the Social Science Libraries Standing Committee, Chair of the Special Libraries Division, and Chair of the Library Types Division. In these latter roles, Steve served as a member of the IFLA Governing Board, and also as the co-editor of IFLA publications, including Social Science Libraries: Interdisciplinary Collections, Services, Networks (201) and Digital Library Futures: User Perspectives and Institutional Strategies. In addition to these positions, Steve has served as on the faculty of Senzoku Gakuen University in Kawasaki, Japan, and as Library Director at the Southern Illinois University campus at Niigata, Japan. Steve received his B.A. and his M.S. in Library Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at GSLIS.


            Report of the University Librarian


Paula reported that by the end of the week, the Library will have a draft of the fee request to be reviewed by the Senate on the Library Committee and the Executive Committee. She would encourage comments from anyone.

Paula also mentioned a preliminary meeting was held regarding plans for a digital preservation network. The focus of the network would be on long term preservation of a scholarly record. The network was described as a triad of a complex network, with each triad replicating content using different technologies. The network would be responsible for auditing, developing tools, etc. This effort was started by University of Virginia and is in its very early stages of development. Early estimages are that the annual cost could be $1 million+.


Nancy O’Brien asked for an update on what is happening with I3.

Paula informed the group that I3, whose interim director is Guy Garnett, will be moving out of the main Library and into NCSA. Scholarly Commons will move into their space (306 Library) and in turn RBML will take over the Scholarly Commons space for Kolb-Proust.


            Executive Committee Discussion Items


Library Faculty Position Titles – David Ward



EC has reviewed the feedback on possible common primary job titles for library faculty that was solicited last month, and settled on the following: "XXX Professor, University Library."  Faculty would also have secondary titles that would be descriptive of their position responsibilities. Cindy Kelly is checking with Academic Human Resources to confirm the viability of this title at the campus level.

Discussion Questions:
1. What suggestions do you have for moving this change process forward?

2. What other issues should EC consider regarding title changes and common faculty titles?


(Comments from Nancy O’Brien and Lisa Hinchliffe)

It was suggested, if possible, we may want to wait to make changes until the next appointment notification time. Also, this kind of change could have an effect on understanding what individual librarian responsibilities are in that if they are not reflected in our titles, it may be difficult to understand each librarian’s responsibilitiesat first glance. One suggestion is to look back at interim/acting titles we have used when we’ve done internal searches. How have people engaged in the process of determining new titles. We need a shared understanding of how we change titles.


Email David Ward or with any comments.


Old Business - (none)


New Business

  1. Division Structure Task Force Final Report,  Feedback Requested
    Lisa Hinchliffe


                        Division Structure Task Force Final Report (draft)


Lisa thanked the members of the task force: Paula Carns, Tina Chrzastowski, Bill Maher, Sheila McGowen and Carissa Phillips.


The final report will be revised based on any further feedback, then submitted to EC by February 17. EC will then discuss and it is expected EC will solicit further feedback.



(Comments from John Wagstaff, Sue Searing, Rod Allen, JoAnn Jacoby, Paula Kaufman, Chris Prom, Nancy O’Brien, Beth Sandore)


Overall, the Task Force was commended on a great report. That said, concern was expressed about the potential disruption the Library could be faced with regarding the recommendation of the report to disband the Budget Group. Because of the tight timelines on budget the Library is often given, disbanding the Budget Group could have an adverse effect on how well we work together as a group. One specific recommendation was to explicitly evaluate the Budget Group structure.


There may still be questions about the roles that Division Coordinators should /could play. As well as the role of AC and what the Division responsibilities are with respect to AC.


The report is silent on the responsibility of Division members, for instance, their vote on Division Coordinators’ performance. There could be an annual evaluation taking place with an in-depth evaluation at the end of the three year term.


Other concerns were expressed regarding the inconsistency experienced by tenure-track faculty with respect to how the Division provides support/feedback.


Division coordinators get a stipend and GA time. Does that make sense given the roles lined out in the document? Stipends have been attached to significant leadership roles. Some coordinators spend a good deal of time on their duties. This compensation serves as an incentive to be a division coordinator. On the other hand, the stipend is sometimes incentive for people who are not the best ones to serve in that role.



  1. SFX Discovery Service Group Update Tom Teper, Michael Norman


The SFX Discovery Service Group gave an update on the status of the SFX ORR transition and fielded questions.


The University Library is working to replace the ORR’s functionality with other services. Earlier in the year, the working group charged by CAPT to oversee this project announced that they anticipated substantial work to be completed by the end of the fall semester. They are happy to report that the project is roughly on target in terms of the initial timelines.

The ORR will not go away mid-year. They plan to phase out the ORR at the close of the spring 2012 semester. The Library lost the expertise to update the ORR almost one year ago, meaning that the SFX A-Z List (Online Journals and Databases) has been the most accurate list of these types of holdings for some time. These are the new services that have been completed or will be completed in the next several weeks:

SFX Support

This service is up and running. All known stability issues have been addressed.

Databases are being made available via title search or by vendor/platform in the “More Options” tab.


VuFind or Voyager Classic

Databases are also available through VuFind or Voyager Classic. If you wish to view a list of the databases by title, a search for “UIUC Database Collection” in either catalog or EasySearch will bring up a complete list of the 353 (currently) holdings. 

Ebooks are all available through VuFind or Voyager Classic. The ORR only listed about 40,000 ebooks—a fraction of the 566,000 available. Currently, all are in the catalog.



As noted above, databases have been added as a search target to EasySearch. A search of this service will retrieve any of the databases that appear appropriate (based on the MARC records added to Voyager) in a separate result line.  

Ebooks in the catalog are returned as a separate result set in EasySearch—giving our users direct subject access to either the full holdings in the catalog or a subset of ebooks.


Website Support

All known resid or instids links in University Library websites will be redirected to the SFX.

During the months of February, March, April, and May, Robert Slater will generate reports of any bad instids or resids linked from University Library webpages. These will be given to page owners for use if they wish to correct them.

Robert Slater has determined that LibGuide authors can check their pages for bad links, and he is working with the LibGuide support staff to see if there are reports that we can generate that will return all bad links. More on this will be forthcoming.


Finally, a reminder that instructional materials related to the implementation of SFX have been created with funds from the Budget Group. Look for a libnews announcement early next week for the most recent additions.


There will be a one hour open meeting on February 8 in room 66.




Ad Hoc Items




Paula was congratulated on her very prestigious award as ACRL Academic/Research Librarian of the Year.


Steve Witt announced that there will be an open house for the International Area Studies Library on March 6, , beginning at 1:00pm.






Adjourned at 4:25pm with a motion by Becky Smith, seconded by Qiang Jin.