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Faculty Meeting MinutesJuly 20, 2011


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Date: July 20, 2011

Location: 3rd Floor Levis Faculty Center

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Call to Order


Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda – David Ward

No quorum. So no formal adoption.

Approval of Minutes  - David Ward

No quorum. So no formal adoption.

John Wagstaff asked for clarification regarding the first paragraph of Head Librarian’s report in minutes of the April 20th meeting. The minutes will be corrected to indicate 210,000 is 1% of the Library’s budget not including collections money.


Introductions  - David Ward (5 min)

Jennifer Teper introduced Cher Schneider as the Visiting Special Collections Conservator. Cher comes to us from the Art Institute of Chicago.


            Report of the University Librarian

In Paula’s absence, Rod Allen provided a brief budget update. Rod reconfirmed the general understanding that there will be a 3% salary program this year with a ½% amount to be used for equity compression and retention cases. In September, the Campus will take 1% in cash back. The FY12 travel allocations for faculty and Aps will be the same as FY11. Paula will be holding an open meeting August 5th where the budget will be discussed in more detail.


            Executive Committee Discussion Items - David Ward (20 min)


Divisional Structure Discussion – Paula Carns and David Ward



EC is formulating a process for examining the existing divisional structure and making recommendations for potential improvements.  The main goal of the process is to investigate how recent retirements, planned hires, and other factors have impacted divisional membership, and find ways to best align current and future faculty to balance divisional memberships, reduce committee commitments where they are over-burdensome, and enhance support for the tenure process.  


EC is proposing a small task force that will work with the divisions, AC, EC, and the AULs to conduct a review this Fall, and bring recommendations to the Library faculty.  


Here is a link to the draft charge for the task force.


Discussion Questions:

 (Comments provided by Al Kagan, Sue Searing, Kirstin Dougan, Marek Sroka, Chatham Ewing, Scott Walter, Cindy Ingold)

1. Who should be on the task force?


2. What is a reasonable timeline for the review process?


Paula Kaufman would like to see a report by December.

3. What are additional important issues for the group to consider in its review?




Old Business:



New Business:


  1. Targeted Acquisitions Program – Tom Teper (15 min)


The Library has made a request to fund a program with ProQuest to support Social Sciences and Humanities research to the Provost that has been approved. This program should provide us better pricing and better benefits. Tom would like librarians to review the spreadsheet he provided us several weeks ago and review opportunities where we might aggregate some of the funds slated for specific purchases in a way that would provide better purchasing opportunities. Review the list and come to a “Priorities Meeting” on July 29th 2-3pm in Rm 428 Main Library where Tom will lead a discussion about how we can make the best possible deal with ProQuest. Tom believes we have an opportunity for a transformative acquisition in the next year. The goal will be to have our request ready to go forward by September.




This will be a one-time purchase and won’t cover subscriptions.


Ad Hoc Items:


            Lightning Presentations

  1. CIC Print Repository – Tom Teper


The CIC Library Directors have made a 25 year commitment to establish a cooperative print repository (espectially in the Sciences, Technology, and Math areas) Estimates predict the cost will be 1.25 M over five years, divided among the CIC institutions the cost per institution is estimated at 125K.


The hope is by working together on a print repository all CIC institutions benefit from the leveraged efforts and we build stronger collaboration ties. This is not a new idea and is being explored by at least fifteen different groups





Susan Schnuer announced that the Mortenson Center was awarded the 2011 Champaign-Urbana International Humanitarian Award.