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Faculty Meeting Minutes March 1, 2011



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Date: March 1, 2010

Location: 407 Illini Union

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm


Call to Order


Standing Items:


Adoption of the Agenda (Paula Kaufman)



Approval of Minutes (Paula Kaufman)



Introductions (Paula Kaufman)

Mark Wardecker, Visiting Reference Librarian and Kirk Hess,  Visiting Metadata and Portal Librarian introduced themselves.


Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)

Paula asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of our colleague Jing Liao.


Paula provided a brief review of dates related to the Library's budget. The budget will be reviewed by the Executive Committee on March 3rd and submitted to the Provost's office on March 10th slated for a budget hearing on March 17th.


The Senate Library Committee has seen an early draft of the Library IT Fee proposal. After their review, it will be shared with the Executive Committee and the Fee Advisory Committee. Keep in mind that the Provost can choose to approve or not approve the proposal put forth.


Paula has been on the road quite a bit fundraising with Vicki in Florida and Arizona.


Executive Committee Discussion Items -David Ward


1.      Strategic Planning Discussion


EC and the AULs are preparing to form the strategic planning team, and would like advice from the faculty on how we should seek input for the planning process.


Current Library Strategic Plan can be found here:


Discussion Questions

(Comments from Al Kagan, Rudy Leon, Mary Stuart, Tina Chrzastowski, Tom Teper, Barbara Ford, Emily Love, Susan Schnuer)


a.       What are the best ways to engage librarians, campus faculty, and students in discussions about strategic directions for the library? 


  • Include input from other Illinois Libraries.
  • Integrate Library goals into the goals of the campus.
  • Review discussions and plans coming from CIC and ARL.
  • Review pertinent ACRL ,ARL, and Ithaka documents.
  • Review info from LibQUAL.
  • Anticipate critical issues and address areas where choices need to be made.
  • Create a priority list and ask people to rank items.
  • Hold smaller group discussions, perhaps at the department or division level.


b.      What are other areas the committee should consider?


  • Include the Library's International Plan with the Library's new Strategic Plan process.
  • Be certain to incorporate things/areas of focus we are already doing.


c.       What other constituents should we consider?


  • Department-specific Library Committees.
  • Student Advisory Committee.

2. Paper Preparer Team


EC has been discussing the idea of having a regular team of paper preparers to help standardize (make more consistent) the process of preparing papers for the promotion and tenure process.


Discussion Questions

(Comments and questions provided by Mary Stuart, Beth Sandore, Lori Mestre, Bill Mischo, Tina Chrzastowski, Caroline Szylowicz, Sue Searing)





a.       How can we improve the paper preparing process for promotion and tenure? 


  • Provide an incentive to excellent candidates for persons seen as excellent at being paper preparers.
  • Be more cognizant of the Campus timeline and persons who have the right set of skills between being a mentor and being a paper preparer.


b.      What goals or benchmarks should be set for paper preparation?


Discussion did not lead to specific recommendations for goals or benchmarks. Comments indicating how people may get some informal preparation to be a paper preparer included:

  • Read lots of dossiers.
  • Be on FRC or P&T before becoming a paper preparer.


c.       Do you agree that a team organizational approach will help achieve the goals or benchmarks you would like to see for paper preparation?


There was no clear decision made on whether or not we should go forward with this team organizational approach but Tina Chrzastowski recommended a three year trial.


Further questions and discussion:

Lori Mestre asked how many would be on this pre-designated set of paper preparers. The answer was not precise but current trends indicated a pool of six to eight would be adequate.


Mary Stuart pointed out that it is somewhat a matter of talent and not just training to be a good paper preparer.


Rudy Leon asked how other departments prepare papers. Other departments often use the department head and one faculty member who would have the capability to synthesize outside reviewers' comments.



Old Business



New Business


1. FAA Digital Resources -Sarah Christensen, Visiting Digital Resources Curator (10 min)


Sarah Christensen is working in FAA as the Visiting Digital Resources Curator. She is currently working mainly with digital images but would be interested to get into other more complex digital files like Computer Aided Design (CAD) files, etc. Sarah is working primarily with the Shared Shelf image management platform from ArtStor. Shared Shelf is designed to make sharing digital images fairly easy and she hopes to be doing some workshops via the Savvy Researcher and through her ties with the User Education Committee to help instructors use it in their classes. Currently many faculty just use Power Point slide shows to display images for class instruction. The ArtStor Image Viewer is much faster.


New Service Model - Discussion of Social and Applied Health Sciences Planning Team  Recommendations - JoAnn Jacoby, Lori Mestre



The New Service Model Social Science and Applied Sciences Team has put forth recommendations that the Team would like to present to the full body of the Library faculty to consider and provide comments on. There is also some concern by some constituents about the planned merger regarding a loss of identify and a sense of their own space.


JoAnn Jacoby provided a quick review of the Social and Applied Health Sciences Planning Team work and findings and the recommendations to merge the Business and Economics Library, the Applied Health Sciences Library, the Education and Social Sciences Library, and the Map and Geography Library.


Discussion Question

(Comments provided by Rudy Leon, Mary Beth Allen, Becky Smith, Sue Searing, Kirstin Dougan, Beth Sandore, Scott Walter)

a.       What suggestions do the faculty have to help create physical and virtual spaces so constituents feel comfortable and retain a sense of "identity" with the library?


  • Offices of subject specialists should be situated next to one another
  • Study or conversation spots ("nooks") that are subject specific should be created
  • Use subject specific materials to decorate and encourage a sense of home space


Other comments:

Over time people will become comfortable with the newly structured space. Physical space is becoming less important - except for off-campus students when visiting the campus and for disciplines that are already somewhat dispersed.


Further discussion ensued including some criticism of the process by which the Team came to its recommendations.


The model proposed by the Reference Services team needs to be settled first.



Ad Hoc Items:

Lightning Presentations


Survey of Library and GSLIS faculty - Sue Searing


Sue provided a quick review of her survey asking Library and GSLIS faculty various questions about how they use Library resources.

See Sue's presentation slides at: 



Barbara Ford announced the Mortenson Distinguished Lecturer will be a Haitian speaker Elizabeth Pierre-Louis, Library Program Coordinator at the Fondation Connaissance et Liberté (FOKAL),on April 6th at 4pm room 126 LIS. There will also be cake to help Mortenson celebrate its twentieth anniversary.



Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm