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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 11-18-2009



of the



Date: November 18, 2009

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm - 5pm



Call to Order


Approval of Minutes (Paula Kaufman)

Minutes from October 21 were approved by a motion from JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Barbara Ford.


Introduction of New Faculty Members (Paula Kaufman)

Beth Woodard introduced Merinda Hensley. Merinda received a Master of Science from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science here in 2006. She has worked as

Visiting Instructional Services Librarian since 2006 and now has a permanent appointment as Instructional Services Librarian.


Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)

No news on the budget. We have been mandated to come up 4.5% of our budget, in cash, as a possible give-back. We then have to submit scenarios detailing how we would deal with  7, 10, and 15% cuts.


At the faculty retreat on November 23, we will be seeking input as to what is most important and where we might make cuts, as we come up with the scenarios. We will also be looking at traditional services and how we might offer them differently and what areas we want to invest in, in the future.


There are two campus searches going on right now; Director, Beckman Institute and Dean College of Media


The budget scenarios are due to the Provost's office on December 17. We have identified the cash for the 4.5% rescission, if we have to give it back.


Executive Committee Report (John Wagstaff)



At the July 22nd, 2009 Library faculty meeting, four overarching issues connected with faculty governance were identified for further discussion. The Executive Committee formed and charged small groups to address these issues.


These groups are being asked to prepare short position papers around their specified topic. These position papers will define the issues and make recommendations for improvements and further actions. The EC recommends that these papers indicate which recommendations can be implemented in the short term and which will require a more long term view. We would also expect the position papers to include some form of outcome measures and assessment metrics to enable the Library to evaluate the success of the various proposals a year from their implementation.


The position papers will be vetted by the EC, shared with the faculty at large, and discussed at upcoming faculty meetings.


The EC is asking all these groups to have draft white papers by December 15, 2009.  These groups are seeking broad Library faculty and staff input.


The four discussion issues and the individuals assigned to each team:


1. Improved mechanisms for communication between: (1) the EC and the faculty; (2) the administration and the faculty; and (3) within the faculty.


Bill Maher

David Ward

Scott Walter

Lura Joseph (convener)


2. Faculty meeting structure, format, and agenda items -- in particular the expressed desire for faculty meetings to include more open discussions of issues and NSM (and other) activities.


Lisa Hinchliffe

Alvan Bregman (convener)

Joanne Kaczmarek


3. Issues surrounding the relationships between the Library's administrative structure (including the Budget Group and AULs) and the EC -- and their areas of overlap. This includes a discussion of the core attributes of Library shared governance.


Tom Teper

Kathleen Kluegel

Karen Hogenboom

Sue Searing (convener)


4. The Library's basic values and the role these play in cultural change. This includes issues surrounding collegiality and empowerment.


Marek Sroka

Beth Sandore

Tina Chrzastowski (convener)

Lynne Rudasill

Cindy Ingold

Emily Love


New Service Model Update (JoAnn Jacoby)

All the teams are meeting. Reports are due by December 15. There is a template for team leaders to use for submitting the reports. JoAnn will be scheduling team leaders to meet with EC in January to discuss their reports.


Lightning Project Reports (15 minutes)

Merinda Hensley - Savvy Researcher

The Savvy Researcher is a series of open workshops geared towards the information management and advanced research needs of graduate students and faculty at the University of Illinois. Workshops cover a variety of topics including data services, citation management, current awareness and scholarly communication. For more information, please visit:

Merinda has been teaching students to use Savvy Researcher. She has partnered with ATLAS, CITES and other Library committees. She sent out surveys to find out what the students learned and how the Library can support their research. RRGIS has 12 GAs who are learning to teach through Savvy Researcher.


Merinda would like to develop a poster session and an online version for all the workshops. Sue Searing wanted to know if there would be a Libguide to match the workshops. Right now the workshops are in real time. Merinda has been talking about video taping sections of the workshop, but needs more staff support to do that.


Lynne Rudasill - Reference Retreat

The reference retreat is a professional development opportunity to share best practices with colleagues, learn about different ways of providing reference services, and develop a common operational understanding of the role and place of information services in support of our patrons.


Lynne hopes to have one-two lightening talks at each faculty meeting.


Old Business



New Business

LibQual Report - Kathleen Kern

The Library Assessment Working Group sent out a LibQual Survey from 2008. The committee made recommendations for next steps. The report can be found at under Library Surveys. If you are working on an assessment project, please let the WG know.


Announcements & Questions

Library Marketing Grant Cycle - Scott Schwartz

The deadline for the Library's third round of Small Marketing Grants is January 6, 2010. All proposals will be reviewed by the SCMC by January 12th and the committee will announce the recipients of these mini grants no later than January 15th. The review committee will consist of three members from the committee (i.e., Pat Allen, Susan Duncan, and David Griffiths) and three previous recipients of these mini grants (i.e., Mary Burkee, Karen Hogenboom, and Dennis Sears). The purpose of these small grants is to help promote greater awareness of the Library among the various user groups within our community. The grant application form and descriptions of the projects that were funded in the first and second rounds can be found at: If you need further information about these grants or would like to discuss your proposed marketing project, please feel free to contact any member of the SCMC.  
Kathleen Kluegel's retirement party is December 10 from 2:00-4:00pm.