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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 07-21-2010



of the



Date: July 21, 2010

Location: 3rd Floor Levis

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm



Call to Order


Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda (Paula Kaufman)

Agenda was accepted as submitted.


Approval of Minutes  (Paula Kaufman)

Minutes were approved by a motion from Qiang Jin, seconded by Bill Maher.


Introductions (Paula Kaufman)

There were no introductions.


Report of the University Librarian  (Paula Kaufman)

The Campus has asked the Library to plan for giving back 6.2% of our budget. We have been asked to give half now and keep the other half in reserve. There is no indication when we might know when the other half will be due.


The Campus is planning that the FY12 budget will be similar to the FY11 budget. All allocations for the fee money for the Library have not been determined yet. We do know that we will receive $1 million from the fee for inflation. $750,000 will go to collections with $50,000 of that money kept in reserve. The rest of the inflation money will be for one-time expenditures.


The re-classification pool for staff has been increased to $100,000. We have received 2% of faculty salaries for compression, equity, or retention for only a small percentage of the faculty. Anything left over will go in the Academic pool for retention.


Sue Searing asked for confirmation that there is no money for equity for Academic Professionals or Open Range employees and that is correct.


Our hiring plan has been sent to the Budget Group and Executive Committee for comment. It is due in the Provost's office on July 30.


            Paula attended the Deans' Retreat on July 15 & 16. The topics included:


Lisa Hinchliffe asked about the Stewarding Excellence report on the Library. Campus has the report and is asking for comments. Paula drafted a response that she will share with EC and then with the faculty. EC has set up a small committee to look at revenue generation in response to comments in the Stewarding Excellence report.


Executive Committee Discussion Items (Bill Mischo)

EC discussed the Faculty Governance white paper and sent it out for comments. EC would like to see broader input and will send it out again. Please respond as EC needs guidance as to what the faculty priorities are. This is a responsibility of being a faculty member.


Lisa Hinchliffe noted that it would be helpful for EC to respond to those making comments so they know their email has been received.


1.      Faculty Recruitment: how to attract best candidates for the jobs and identify those that will likely succeed- discussion


We may have academic pool money this year and may be filling some positions. We would like to encourage and empower chairs of search committees to thing about issues of diversity, look for ways to attract higher quality pools, and be more pro-active. EC would like to recommend that search committees try to identify the kinds of people we want for our colleagues. We also need to check references more closely. We will have to work hard to attract the best candidates, considering the condition of our state.


Tom Teper suggested that EC provide documentation for search committee chairs regarding expectations. JoAnn Jacoby suggested the faculty send EC ideas on how they can make the search experience work better. Emily love suggested a shadowing or mentoring program.


Retention is important and the next version of the white paper will have more information about that.


Chris Prom would like to know how we compare to other departments on campus regarding retention. There are issues with people getting to tenure and then being recruited away. How many start towards tenure and how many get tenure?


Lisa Hinchliffe would like to see a check list for search committees. Sarah Shreeves would like to see a better process for letting candidates know if they aren't successful. Perhaps the search chair should call the individuals instead of a letter going out at the end of the process.


2.      Committees:  how to make better use  - discussion

EC will begin looking at committees to see if some can be combined or eliminated.


Old Business (Items for Action or Discussion)



New Business (Items for Action or Discussion)

1.      0% Faculty Appointment for Akram Khabibullaev from Indiana University - vote (Paula Kaufman)

Khabibullaev will be providing services in Middle Eastern Studies.


Bill Maher suggested that based on bylaws, when the Library is extending faculty privileges, such as 0%  appointments, it should be done by the University Librarian with the advice of the Executive Committee without a vote of the faculty.


Paula will make sure Khabibullaev is appointed as faculty.


2.      Document: Faculty Meeting Agenda - discussion (David Ward, Joanne Kaczmarek)


This issue came out of the faculty governance discussion. Faculty have expressed an interest in more discussion and issue-based agenda items with opportunity to provide feedback. From these discussions the formation of an Agenda Committee was recommended. The Agenda Committee will be formed and will solicit items for the Faculty meetings.


Kristin Dougan suggested there be more regular reports from the AULs and larger units. Reports could be posted or special meetings scheduled for discussion. She would like to know more about what is going on in the Library.


Lisa Hinchliffe commented that the Agenda Committee should check with AULs and major committees for agenda items. The Agenda Committee should not be passive. Lynn Wiley commented that the guidelines may make discussion items more applicable. If you know you of a change in service within the Library or an issue that should be addressed by the faculty, please bring it to the attention of the Agenda Committee. The Agenda Committee can determine if an item is appropriate for a faculty meeting and if it is not appropriate, perhaps it is worth calling a special meeting for discussion or presentation.


EC will discuss the Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Guidelines and solicit nominees to the Agenda Committee and then have a vote.


Ad Hoc Items:

            Lightning Presentations

1.      Data Curation (Sarah Shreeves)

This presentation was prompted by several things that are going on right now both on campus and the larger environment. The National Science Foundation has said that they will be requiring data management plans for all grants coming into the NSF. The guidelines have not been issued yet.


The IT @ Illinois Stewarding Excellence report has a large section about the need for the campus to develop a larger data curation plan. The report called out specifically the role of the Library in being involved in that activity. Sarah suggested it might be a good time to begin a discussion about what data curation is and what role the Library might play with data curation. The definition of curation is the active and ongoing management of research data. This is not just scientific data, but also social sciences research data as well as humanities based research data, which may just mean xml mark-up text or other things. Data curation applies to more than just big, large data sets. The role that libraries can play may especially be important in "small science" or the smaller sets of data that don't have a good place to live.


If you are interested in this area, look at what Purdue University is doing, especially in the data curation profiles project offering sets of questions we can use when talking to our own faculty when trying to understand the data they are creating and using.


There are lots of different activities going on right now within the Library related to data curation. We have a pending DataNet proposal with Indiana and Michigan, and a grant with ICPSR to work with historical data records from a faculty member so to learn how to move between the institutional repositories and the discipline based repositories. 


2.      Research in Progress (Greg Youngen)

Data visualization - Greg's research is interdisciplinary looking at veterinary research works published outside of veterinary medicine literature. He is using publicly available tools that allow repackaging data for quick visualization. (Greg will be added to the next agenda as there was no projector to allow for him to provide a visual presentation.)


3.      Reorganization of technical services - discussion (Lynn Wiley and Michael Norman)

Cataloging lost 10 people to retirement/separation. This created an opportunity to re-organize. But as tasks are shifted there may be delays in getting materials to users. Teams are being created to address backlogs and they are experimenting with "shelf ready" services. This fall there will be forums to explain the changes that are taking place as well as more information on e-books.



Paula Kaufman recognized Jo Kibbee as this is her last faculty meeting before retirement. Paula thanked her for her years of service.


Paula also announced that each fall when the newly promoted faculty are recognized we will also be recognizing awards and years of service (10 or more) for Faculty and APs.


Greg Youngen - The East Central Illinois Chapter  of the Health Science Librarians of Illinois will be meeting at the College of Veterinary Medicine next Thurs (July 22).  We're having a guest speaker, Dr. Sidonie Lavergne  who will be giving a presentation on identifying bias in the medical literature.  We're inviting all UIUC librarians who may have an interest to attend this portion of our meeting.  Dr Lavergne will be speaking at 1:30pm in room 1257 of the Vet Med Basic Sciences Building.  This room is right next door the new History of Veterinary Medicine in Illinois exhibit room.


Emily Love - Just a reminder that the Library Diversity Committee is hosting its first ever, summer film night, which is open to all library employees and their families and friends.

The film that we will be screening is Arranged.


Description: ARRANGED centers on the friendship between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim woman who meet as first-year teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. Over the course of the year they learn they share much in common - not least of which is that they are both going through the process of arranged marriages.



When: Wednesday, July 28th at 6pm
Where: Armory, Room 101 (Many cinema studies classes are shown here)
Who: Library folks and their families


Light refreshments will be served afterwards.