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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 04-21-2010



of the



Date: April 21, 2010

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm



Call to Order


Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved as corrected with a motion by Bill Maher, seconded by Karen Hogenboom.


Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)

We have been given a preliminary budget reduction of 6.2%, or approximately $1.3 million, on the non-collection part of our budget. We may be asked for further budget reductions in the future. The budget cut scenarios the Divisions did were used by the Budget Group as a guide in determining voluntary separation approvals. (We have to show a savings of at least 50% of salaries for the voluntary separation personnel.) to make decisions about where the funds should come from if we must make further reductions.


EC has looked at the proposals for the voluntary separation and retirement applications. The recommendations have been sent to the Provost. Campus has until April 28 to look at the proposals. Campus will notify the departments and the applicants by the end of the week of May 3 and begin preparing contracts. Once the applicant has signed and returned the contract, they will still have seven days to change their minds. Once the seven days are past, campus will share the results with each department.


The Library will continue to strive to avoid layoffs by filling functions with internal transfers.


May 3 is the Library's budget meeting with the Provost.


Update on "Stewarding Excellence @ Illinois" program:  Thirteen teams have been charged with two additional teams yet to be charged. The scholarship report has been posted and comments will be accepted through April 30. The Aviation report will be posted on April 23. IT@IL has been submitted and should be posted next week. The report of the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement should be posted next week. The Grad College and the Center for Teaching Excellence should have reports in by April 30.


Other reports will be coming in through July, including the Library report (chaired by Robert Graves). JoAnn Jacoby is on the steering committee looking at the Library.




Report of the Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)

EC Minutes can be viewed at


Please continue to respond as reports are sent out. Thank you to those who have been responding.


New Service Model Update and Discussion (JoAnn Jacoby)

The International and Area Studies and the Health Information Planning reports have been submitted to EC. They will be wrapping up discussions in the next couple of meetings. Please comment on the reports that have been posted to the EC website.


The other teams have been meeting - Biology and Life Sciences Implementation, Literatures and Languages, and the Reference Team.


The NSM Stuff meeting notes will be posted to the NSM website soon. Please provide feedback.


Old Business


Discussion of Faculty Governance White Papers (30 minutes)

Improved Communications - Review Group 1

See PowerPoint Slides at:



Cindy Ingold - it might be helpful to have someone from EC visit with each division.

Barbara Ford - the divisional structure can be a problem because different things are reported in different divisions regarding the same item.

Nancy O'Brien - the divisional structure is good at communication in some divisions.

Rudy Leon - what division libraries are might not be very clear as divisions become units.

Sue Searing - we have half as many units as compared to the past.

Bill Mischo - divisions need to be looked at in a broader sense to see how issues are communicated to faculty and staff.

Nancy O'Brien - annual reports for AULs and Directors should be posted.


Shared Governance - Review Group 3

See PowerPoint at:



Bill Maher - EC should represent the faculty; only voting for what faculty want to have votes on.

Tom Teper - EC is elected by the faculty, they do represent the faculty. Otherwise, it would be a direct vote on every issue.

Rudy Leon - how do operational roles impact shared governance?

Cindy Ingold - it is the responsibility of the faculty to contact EC members.



Zero Time Appointments Vote - (Nancy O'Brien)

 Annie Armstrong and Firouzeh (Fifi) Logan - Psychology Librarians from UIC


A motion was made by Nancy O'Brien to accept these faculty into the Library with zero-time appointments. Bill Maher seconded the motion. Motion approved with one abstention.


Lightning Project Report (Josh Bishoff)            Mobile Library Services


You can search the same fields as VuFind. You can search the entire I-Share catalog. You just need a VuFind login and password.


There were 1,000 uses of the service the first day.


Bill Mischo - there is a pared down version of EasySearch that can be used with this.

Peggy Steele - please sent comments to


Announcements & Questions

The Office of Continuing Education will no longer support a GA in the Library to help with services to faculty and students associated with Academic Outreach (AO). Merinda Hensley has served as the Library liaison to AO over the past 18 months and has communicated with them on a plan to scale back services designed for these users based on their decision to reduce their investment in supporting those services. She will describe these changes at an upcoming faculty meeting, and will disseminate an FAQ document through LIBNEWS to assist Library faculty and staff in managing future requests for services from OCE and/or AO faculty, staff, and students.


The European Union Center and the University Library are sponsoring a colloquium in Room 126 of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at 3:30p.m, Monday, April 26. The title of the talk by Cees de Blaaij from the Zeeuwse Bibliotheek (Library of Zeeland) in the Netherlands is the "Google Books Settlement and Europe: Married.....with Orphans?"


Earlier today, our campus antivirus vendor, McAfee, released an antivirus signature definition file (known as a "DAT") which contained a bug. This bug caused a number of computers running Windows XP to appear to be infected with a computer virus and generally interfere with the operation of the computer. This problem is not limited to our campus but is impacting McAfee customers nationally.


4:25 pm