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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Minutes 03-03-2010



of the



Date: March 3, 2010

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm - 5pm



Call to Order



Approval of Minutes (Paula Kaufman)

Minutes from the February 3rd faculty meeting were approved with a motion by Katie Newman and seconded by Lisa Hinchliffe.


Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)

Paula Kaufman noted that two of the three positions the Library requested support for from Library/IT fees were approved by the campus. The two positions are related to newer models for library service delivery such as mobile computing and telecommunications and search and discovery.


There is no new news on the budget. Paula encouraged us all to attend campus budget meetings to get information about the state of the University's finances. Predictions indicate we will need to be making up for a 50 - 70 million dollar budget shortfall next year, assuming the over $500 million due us from the State of Illinois for this year is eventually paid. The University continues to approach the shortfall via several angles such as furlough days, a general hiring freeze, the voluntary separation/retirement program, and expectations that all campuses and departments will be working with budget cuts for FY2011 in the range of 10% to 15%.


The Campus is undertaking the  "Stewarding Excellence@Illinois" program aimed at reducing spending.  The initiative's website provides open information about the state of the budget and related University matters. From the website: "The site will serve as a single, easily accessed place to find current budget news, regular updates on related projects and initiatives, and an archive of our activities along the way."


Paula will be presenting general information about the Library at the Board of Trustees meeting on March 9th as part of a pecha kucha session designed to inform Board members about some of the great resources of the University.



Executive Committee Report (David Ward)



The Executive Committee met on February 8 and 22 and March 8. On February 8 the committee reviewed the Library IT fee, plans for the Library's infrastructure for access to digitization projects, and the Literatures and Languages and References New Service Model team charges and the Biology team's report. (For details visit the EC website noted above.)


The Executive Committee discussed the early retirement program with the understanding that the Budget Group will be figuring out a lot of the details regarding what positions will need to be filled and how we might consider filling them.


The Executive Committee discussed further the white papers submitted in response to the four areas of concern from the faculty meeting discussions of July - November 2009. (See meeting minutes from November 18, 2009 faculty meeting and February 3, 2010 faculty meeting.) David noted that some recommendations have already been implemented such as EC posting minutes and agenda items to be made available to faculty members sooner than in the past. The next steps are to have open discussions of the white papers, two at today's faculty meeting and two at April's faculty meeting with May's faculty meeting being a time to discuss next steps.


Bill Maher commented on EC's February 8 meeting report regarding the IT fee requests asking how the expenditure of fees is determined. David noted that the Budget Group came up with a recommendation for what the Library wanted to use the IT fee for and this recommendation was informed by recommendations submitted by the Senate It and Library Committee. There was a request to extend hours at ACES and a request for positions involving support of innovative library services and initiatives. Bill noted that he heard the campus was thinking of using some Library IT fees as a substitute for state funding for the Library. Paula said that was not incorrect and that it was possible $1 million may be substituted from Library IT fees to offset State funds not received. (Scott Walter provided the following link after the meeting for those interested in following how Library IT fees are being used:



New Service Model Discussion (JoAnn Jacoby)

JoAnn Jacoby provided aan update of the status of New Service Model (NSM) initiatives:


JoAnn highlighted key junctures for providing for feedback on documents (e.g.,  comments are invited on the International and Area Studies progress report through March 5) and opened the floor for discussion.


Lightning Project Reports (Lynn Wiley and Tina Chrzastowski)

Lynn Wiley and Tina Chrzastowski provided a brief review of a project they both engaged in analyzing monograph purchases and circulation both locally and between iShare libraries for recently purchased (last 5 years) items. Questions the project attempted to address include: How many copies are too many? Is the collective collection meeting the needs of the consortium? How do we share e-books? For more information:


Faculty Governance White Papers Discussion


Group 2 White Paper - Faculty Meetings discussion. Led by Lisa Hinchliffe.

Lisa reviewed the recommendations in the report and the process for coming to those recommendations on behalf of the group convener, Alvan Bregman, who is now on sabbatical.


Regarding the recommendation that faculty meetings should be more focused on discussion, JoAnn Jacoby asked whether or not our large size might hinder good discussion. Lisa responded that it is still feasible to facilitate discussions in a larger group and to do that reports need to be sent out ahead of time so meeting attendees will have had time to formulate opinions and comments that can in turn be brought to the meeting's discussion.

Regarding the recommendation that the role of faculty secretary be expanded, Cindy Ingold asked what that meant. Lisa responded that the secretary could be provided with information from EC ahead of time and could work with an agenda committee to ensure issues of concern to all faculty members make it onto the agenda. Bill Maher acknowledged we need to do a better job of communicating and that something changes only when we have motions from the floor that result in an actual vote. But this does not often happen.


Kirstin Dougan commented that hearing reports from committees and projects helps her understand more fully what is going on within the Library and among her fellow librarians. Lisa Hinchliffe noted we should try to deliver reports in a non-oral format and use the meeting to discuss the reports. Presentations are different from delivering reports and we currently have a standing placeholder for "lightning presentations" on the faculty meeting agenda. (Sometimes the secretary has erroneously called these presentation "reports." See the above noted item in these minutes for an example of this error.)


The general consensus of the faculty was to pursue the recommendations in the report and to make faculty meetings more discussion-oriented.


Group 4 White Paper - Basic Values and Cultural Change - Cindy Ingold


Cindy noted that her group identified areas of concern regarding the Library's basic values and how we are coping with change and shaping the culture of the library. These areas of concern include:




Management Issues

Services and Subject Specialists.


JoAnn Jacoby commented that the management training offered through the Supervising Training Institute speaks to many of these issues and attendance should be strongly encourage, if not mandatory, for all supervisors.. David Ward concurred saying it is particularly helpful in allowing everyone in the groups to have a common vocabulary. Barbara Ford also noted that the white paper from Group 4 is the core of what we have to address regarding all four white papers. Lisa Hinchliffe asked for EC to ask Beth Woodard for the results of the Customer Services Working Group survey and to have a serious discussion about the results of the survey as they relate to this white paper.


Nancy O'Brien commented on the white paper from Group 4 saying it could be felt to have a 'scolding' tone implicating all library faculty in the matter of non-collegial behavior when in fact that was certainly not the case. Discussion ensued indicating how the white paper has provided a "teachable moment" in that whether or not we should be implicated by the statements in the white paper, we all play a role in shifting the culture of our environment toward one that is more positive and respectful. The point was made that there is also a difference between collegiality and civility and perhaps the bigger question is about civil or non-civil behavior rather than collegial behavior.


Announcements & Questions

David Ward announced the piloting of a new version of the Library's text messaging service.
Kathleen Kern reminded everyone that Sweeps Week is coming up soon.
Lisa Hinchliffe reminded us we can be proud of the awards recently won by our librarians and asked that we recognize their achievements with a round of applause: 
Paula Kaufman - Hugh C. Atkinson Memorial Award
Cheri Weible - 2010 Virginia Boucher/OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award
Beth Woodard - 2010 ACRL/Instruction Section Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award
Cindy Ingold - 2010 ACRLWomen's Studies Section Career Achievement Award
Rudy Leon announced that Loan-able Technology has a new location in the catalog that should be "intuitively searchable" but to let her know if it did not seem to be the case.



4:35 pm with a motion by Lisa Hinchliffe, seconded by Kathleen Kern.