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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Facutly Meeting Minutes for September 23, 2009



Date: September 23, 2009

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3-5pm  


1. Approval of Faculty Meeting minutes of July 22, 2009 - (Paula Kaufman)
Minutes were approved with a motion by Caroline Szylowicz, seconded by Mary Laskowski.  

2. Introduction of New Faculty Members (Paula Kaufman)
Bill Mischo introduced Beth German and Josh Bishoff. Beth and Josh are visiting assistant professors and visiting NSDL and E-scholarship Librarians .

3. Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman) - Paula reported on the recently announced resignation of University President, B. Joseph White, effective December 31. President White will continue to work at UIUC doing fund raising and teaching. An interim president will be appointed and a search will be started. Stanley Ikenberry has been approached and is willing to serve as interim president.

Budget - The Library's current budget is $35,431,012 with approximately $13,700,000 going toward collections. The Budget Group will be meeting with Richard Wheeler, Barbara Wilson and Mike Andrechak on September 30 to plan for next year's budget. Right now they have told us to plan for 5, 10, or 15% cuts. We don't know if the collection budget will be exempted. We do know we will be taxed. We don't know how the fee money will be spent next year. For the first time they have told us to try and stock pile cash to help offset future expenses.  The question was asked about this approach as accumulating cash in endowment funds seems to be a change in practice. Paula answered that yes, this is a change in practice. Although unrestricted gift funds can be used freely, endowments are often restricted to specific areas of spending. Those contracts have to be upheld.

Beth Woodard asked if there was any further discussion of possible furlough days. Paula said no, there had been no further discussions that she was aware of at this time.

4. Executive Committee Report - (Bill Mischo)
The Executive Committee met three or four times since that last faculty meeting and Bill reminded us that the minutes to these meetings are on the Executive Committee website. Please see for minutes. Also on the website are the comments to the planning team. Bill noted that there are three internal searches: Coordinator for Library Assessment; Coordinator for Scholarly Commons; Digital ISSIC Coordinator. There is one external search, ACES Librarian for Digital Services.

The EC is preparing a formal document outlining possible collaborations the Library may engage in with UIC and UIS Libraries.

The flowchart for New Service Model decisions is now available as is the Position Titles document that aims to remove the word "assistant" from titles.

5. Report of the Parliamentarian - (Bill Maher)
Bill talked about the proper procedures to follow when making a motion and formal decision. The Parliamentarian is at the meetings to advise the chair as to what is proper in certain situations. The chair can overrule the parliamentarian and the body can overrule the chair and the parliamentarian.

6. Old Business

Shared Governance - Recap - (Bill Mischo)
Bill Mischo reviewed the four issues that came out of the Shared Governance discussion at the July 22 faculty meeting and encouraged us to volunteer to participate in the working groups set up to address each issue by preparing a position paper to share with the Library on these topics:

  1. Improved mechanisms for communication between the EC and the faculty, the administration and the faculty, and within the faculty.
  2. Faculty meeting structure, format, and agenda items-in particular the expressed desire for faculty meetings to include more open discussions of issues and NSM (and other) activities.
  3. Issues surrounding the relationships between the Library's administrative structure (including the Budget Group and AULs) and the EC-and their areas of overlap. This includes a discussion of the core attributes of Library shared governance.
  4. The Library's basic values and the issues surrounding cultural change. This includes collegiality and empowerment.

New Service Model Update - (JoAnn Jacoby)
The decision-making flow chart was put out in May and provides a way to identify roles, responsibilities, and overlaps of Planning and implementation teams. The Planning and Implementation Teams are expected to be communicated to the whole library with updates and recommendations posted at least one week before Executive Committee meetings. Teams this fall include:

  1. Biology & Life Sciences - chaired by Greg Youngen; Geology Planning and Implementation - chaired by Tina Chrzastowski
  2. Health Information Services - chaired by Linda Smith
  3. International & Area Studies Implementation - chaired by Nancy O'Brien
  4. Literatures, Languages, & Textual Analysis - chaired by John Wagstaff

Planning teams seek best solutions to answer the questions posed. Implementation teams seek to develop a practical process to get the solutions implemented.

7. New Business

Introduction of the Mortensen Center Associates - (Barbara Ford)

See attached for a list of the new fellows.

Library Colloquia Committee Announcement - (Michael Robak )
Michael asked for suggestions for speakers for the colloquium series; please send him the name, contact info and reference your relationship to the person by October 2. The first speaker is Ken Crews on October 29.

Illinois Informatics Institute Overview - (John Unsworth)
I3 was established in 2007 by the Provost's office to coordinate informatics activities across campus. One of the first concrete things that the Informatics Institute did was to take on the management of the undergraduate informatics minor. This is an across campus minor. Students have required courses taught out of GSLIS and Computer Science. Over 100 students have declared Informatics as their minor. The institute exists because informatics is not easily contained in one discipline. Because of its cross campus character, housing it in the Library seems to make sense. I3 had been contained in Computer Science and GSLIS for its physical location, but that sends the wrong message. I3 has particular work to do in humanities and social sciences.

I3 will host a reception on October 1 from 4:00-6:00pm in 306 Library. The Provost will be attending. I3 is also hosting a brown bag lunch on Tuesday, September 29 and invites everyone in the Library to drop by and meet the Informatics Team.

I3 has two research initiatives it is working on right now. 1) Community Informatics Initiative, an ongoing project in GSLIS. This project has funding from the Provost's office to work with faculty across campus on start-up grants and course development around projects that are community focused. 2) ICHASS (Illinois Center for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) is directed by Scott Poole. A number of people are working with humanities and social sciences projects.

I3 is also proposing other degree programs, such as a Ph.D in Informatics. GSLIS is proposing an undergraduate major in Informatics.

Faculty Projects, Areas of Interest - Lightning Summary Reports - (Lynne Rudasill, David Ward )
Lynne introduced Lightening Talks. These are 5 minute talks that let others know what your research involves or what interesting things you may be exploring. It's a quick way for everyone to find out what others are doing. Lynne and David encouraged other faculty to consider sharing similarly. David shared some things he's been thinking about regarding participatory librarianship and provided these links: or

8. Announcements
Barbara Ford - IL Library Mortenson Associates will do Lightening Talks Presentations at an Eat & Talk forum in October to talk bout Librarianship in their country.

On October 22 at 4:00pm, Mortenson will be hosting a Distinguished Lecturer - Elen Tise. On October 23 there will be a session about IFLA.

The Campus National Conference on the Morrill Act is a free program on October 23 with a reception and talk in the evening and an all-day program on October 24. There will be national and campus speakers.

Bill Maher - The Morrill Act exhibit opens at Krannert Art Museum on Wednesday, September 30 and will be here for one month.

Tom Teper -CIC Environment Scan initiative will start this fall and is due December 15th. This will be an attempt to find out what campuses know about open access.

Tom Teper - Federal World Book contract has been signed. This is a third-party seller for surplus gift books. We get a portion of the proceeds. We have decided to have the Book sale on just one day this fall, since 80% of what we make is usually in the first day.

Vicki Trimble - 11 th Million Volume. You can get a sneak peak on October 8 in RBML from 10:00-11:00am

9. Adjournment

The committee adjourned at 4:30 pm with a motion by Tom Teper seconded by Lynn Wiley.

Submitted by:

Faculty Secretary, Joanne Kaczmarek  October 15, 2009