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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2009

of the

Date: October 21, 2009
Location: 126 GSLIS
Time: 3-5pm

Approval of Faculty Meeting minutes of  September 23, 2009 - (Paula Kaufman)

Minutes were corrected to reflect the appropriate letter (B rather than P) in front of President White's name (President B. Joseph White) and subsequently approved with a motion by JoAnn Jacoby, seconded by Gayle Hueting.

Introduction of New Faculty Members (Paula Kaufman)

David Vess introduced himself as Visiting Portal Librarian for the IMLS project.

Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)

Paula reported that the celebration of our 11 th million volume was successful thanks in great part to the help of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library and the Library Advancement.

Paula announced that Dr. Herman will be stepping down as Chancellor as of October 26th and Dr. Ikenberry (interim president) and Dr. Easter (acting provost) will share the responsibilities and functions of chancellor for the time being.

Budget - Barbara Wilson and Mike Andrechak met with the Budget Group on September 30th to plan for next year's budget. We are still expected to plan for 5, 10, or 15% cuts. The collections budget will be exempted. So far there have been no mandated furloughs over the winter holiday period. Paula noted that we are over our travel budget and suggested we all seek other funding options for travel such as campus resources like the Scholar's Travel Funds. Paula also encouraged greater use of webinars to access educational opportunities. Paula noted that we spend a lot of money on overnight express delivery services (Fed Ex and UPS used for tracking shipping of grant proposals and for some interlibrary loans) and suggested we think before automatically shipping overnight. There will be a new process for ordering supplies released to us soon to provide for better oversight of office supplies, etc.. Last year we spent $212,000 on "professional services" such as printing and design of materials. Paula recommended we all think twice before spending $$ if we don't have cost recovery funds or grant funds.

To summarize the budget discussion:

1) Our budget has not yet been cut;

2) We know the State of Illinois is in a precarious financial position and should probably expect cuts and further financial challenges in the short term;

3) We've been asked to make contingency plans for possible cuts of 5, 10 and 15%.

Paula noted we have not had layoffs in ten years and hopes we can avoid them. The Library has been setting aside cash in the case of a financial squeeze and hopefully these funds will help us through this fiscal year but we should be prepared for another tight year in FY11.

Paula announced the annual faculty meeting Monday October 26th at 3:10pm at the Levis Faculty Center and encouraged everyone to attend if at all possible.

Executive Committee Report - (Bill Mischo)

The Executive Committee met three times since that last faculty meeting and Bill reminded us that the minutes to these meetings are on the Executive Committee website. Please see for minutes.

A note was sent out asking for new position requests. We've been given permission to hire two visiting and two permanent positions. Bill asked us to get requests in by November 15th and encourages us to be creative in our requests. Positions that are flexible and cross various areas of responsibility will be more heavily considered than positions that do not.

The IT prioritization working group has had three meetings so far. This group came out of the RTG process and is charged with looking at new requests for IT support - either for projects or services.

Documents soon to be available on the Library's website:

1. A document outlining possible UIC/UIUC library collaboration opportunities

2. Scholarly Communications team document

Becky Smith asked for more details regarding the UIC/UIUC library collaboration opportunities. Paula explained this is somewhat modeled after a Cornell/Columbia initiative where 30% of backroom technical services are planned to be shared within 3 years. The RTG group is going to help facilitate discussions for UIC and UIUC libraries (using Bob Sandusky at UIC as facilitator) to figure out where each library's strengths are and see where this leads us.

New Service Model Update - (JoAnn Jacoby)

The Planning and Implementation Teams are meeting and all teams are posting minutes on the NSM website. The Planning and Implementation Team members are working on gathering data and information and deciding on key questions related to new services and how to address them. Recommendations for how to move forward are expected in December.

By working across teams, there is hope to develop a "toolkit" of sorts that will include resources that may be used by everyone as we move the Library toward a new service model. Possible resources include surveys, focus group structures, discussion questions, checklists for merging and closing libraries, considerations related to facilities and construction, and the development of serials processing workflows.

JoAnn met with the Library's Student Advisory Committee to talk about what the Library is doing about the New Service Model and to seek their input.

Lightning Reports (Kirstin Dougan)

Kirstin Dougan told us about the Wisconsin/Ohio Reference Evaluation Project and how the Music and Performing Arts Library (MPAL) initiated a similar project. The project requires asking patrons if they are willing to participate and if they say yes then they are asked (along with the reference librarian helping them) to rate their experience. Overall, there were 150 matched sets of responses. The rating process brings up both sides of the reference exchange so we can learn what the patron's experience is compared to our own impression of the experience and from there learn to provide more effective reference help to the patron.

No Old Business

New Business

Main/Undergraduate Architectural Study Report - (Jeff Schrader)

Jeff Schrader provided us with a review of the status of the Main/Undergraduate Architectural Study and noted that the architects' final report is available in the work room in rm. 230. The general goal of the plan was to create floor plans for flexible use of the space. Given the current status of the $300,000,000 plan, which was well received by the Chancellor and Provost when they saw it, the project could be completed by 2018 if things went forward according to the plan.


Paula announced the Mortenson Distinguished Lecture will be given by Ellen Tice, president of IFLA, on October 22nd at GSLIS.

Sarah Shreeves announced Kenneth Crews from Columbia University will be the Millercomm Lecturer on October 29th at the Alumni Center.

Bill Mischo announced there will be training search sessions on the Easy Search interface.


The committee adjourned at 4:01pm with a motion by Becky Smith seconded by Diane Schmidt.

Submitted by: Faculty Secretary, Joanne Kaczmarek October 26, 2009