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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee






Wednesday, March 4, 2009


3:00-5:00 pm


Paula Kaufman, chair


1.      Approval of Faculty Meeting minutes of February 4, 2009


Minutes were approved by a motion from Lynne Rudasill, seconded by Qiang Jin.


2.      Introduction of New Faculty Members


There were no new faculty members to introduce.


3.      Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)


Paula reported that there was no new information about the budget.


Paula had heard a rumor purporting that some 5Y faculty were not granted tenure because of the budget.  She firmly stated that this was not the case.  Budget is not and has never been a part of the tenure evaluation process.


Scott Walter had sent out a message regarding the ongoing review of responses to the Provost's letter.  The AULs and EC met earlier this week to talk about the process. Proposals will be discussed at open meetings with faculty and staff.


The Provost had issued a revised document on academic hires. The Provost and Dean must both approve all visiting and regular appointments of faculty (including retired faculty rehired on state funds) and of academic professionals. Provostial approval is not required to appoint graduate assistants, grad hourlies, academic hourlies, and rehired retirees not paid on state funds.


Communication 9 has recently been updated to include a category for public engagement.


A faculty committee working on Communication 16 (Policy on Interruptions of the Probationary Period) was as yet unable to issue a final report. Still under consideration were such cases as faculty whose interdisciplinary and field research faced long statutory approval times or whose labs required equipment that takes a long time to procure and/or to install. Input is being sought from the Council of Deans.


The Library is working on two submissions for non-competitive State Library LSTA grants.  One would extend the cataloging program in RBML; the other, made jointly with UIC, would allow a copyright attorney to be placed on retainer. The Library would be able to use the attorney to help develop educational materials and offer information sessions.


Juanita and Robert Simpson, who previously endowed a chair for the Head of the RBML, have also now endowed the Dean of Libraries position. There will be a formal investiture to on April 29 at 4:00pm. It is hoped that many will attend to show the Simpsons how grateful we are for this gift. This is the first deanship on campus funded at the $5 million level.


4.      Executive Committee Report (Bill Mischo)


Please see for approved minutes.  Comments are solicited on reports.  A website is being prepared concerning promotions to full professor.


Tina Chrzastowski asked about the appointment of unit heads for merged units. Bill responded that EC will look at these on a case-by-case basis. If there is any doubt there will be a search.


Kathleen Kluegel spoke to the issue of position titles, which had not been reviewed for some time. The campus restrictively defines the use of the terms "head" and "chair", although we continue to use the term "head" in the Library.


Paula stated that those appointed under the new process for unit heads will be offered a five year term and be evaluated at the end of that time.


5.      WorldCat Local (Lynn Wiley and Michael Norman)


Please see PowerPoint slides (attached). WorldCat Local can be viewed at


Usability testing will be carried out by Greg Youngen and Jenny Emanuel.  Challenges are faced by the Library's forthcoming move to Voyager 7.0, requiring information to be gathered by OCLC via "screen scraping".  While World Cat Local shows promise, it is not nearly ready for full release.


Kathleen Kluegel stated that searching with was not simple and can be an issue in training.


Rudy Leon inquired about the privacy of searching with WorldCat Local. She was told that the program is secure and that searching information would not be made public.


Lynne Rudasill wanted to know the relation between WorldCat Local and Easy Search. Michael will be discussing this with Bill Mischo.


The Library has been working with OCLC on the WorldCat Local pilot project for almost two years. Many of our cataloging practices and policies have been geared to our participation in the pilot.  This includes providing links to our electronic and other resources in OCLC.


Alvan Bregman noted that there has been much discussion in the ACRL Rare Book and Manuscript Section about the development of WorldCat Local, which is seen as disadvantageous to the local enhancement of cataloging records. He could not understand why we were participating in the development of a product for which the Library was not likely to be a primary customer.


6.      VuFind (Peggy Steele)


Peggy was not able to attend the meeting and her presentation on VuFind will be rescheduled.


7.      Electronic thesis and dissertation project (Sarah Shreeves)


IDEALS is participating with the Graduate College on a pilot for electronic thesis and dissertation deposit. Beginning in December 2009, students in Electrical and Computer Engineering and in GSLIS will have the option to deposit their master's theses and dissertation only in electronic format. The Graduate College will be able to monitor all parts of the transaction.


Masters theses will go into IDEALS after the student has graduated. Students can make them open access or have a restriction put on the material for a period of time. Dissertations will continue to go to ProQuest.


Workshops for graduate students will be organized by Merinda Hensley about copyright, author's rights and how to make dissertations more discoverable.


Jo Kibbee asked what the implication will be for print copies and microfilm. She was told that print copies of master's theses deposited electronically will no longer be kept and that dissertations would continue to be microfilmed until the new procedure is universally adopted.


8.      Old business


There was no old business.


9.      New business


There was no new business.


10.  Announcements


There were no announcements.


11.  Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned upon a motion by Lynn Wiley, seconded by Lynne Rudasill.


Alvan Bregman

Faculty Secretary