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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


3:00-5:00 pm


Paula Kaufman, chair


1.     Approval of Faculty Meeting minutes of November 19, 2008


Minutes were approved after a motion from Becky Smith, seconded by Kathleen Kern.


2.     Introduction of New Faculty Members


Beth Sandore introduced Patricia Miller, who has a new 0-time appointment in the Library. Pat is currently the Executive Director of the Illinois Heritage Association. She has worked with museums and historical societies in East Central Illinois over the last two decades. Pat has also taught museum studies at Eastern Illinois University and here in Landscape Architecture.


3.     Report of the University Librarian (Paula Kaufman)


At Paula's request, Rod Allen transmitted news of largely increased estimates of the Illinois state deficit, which bodes poorly for the University.  There was concern among some on campus over an article in the News Gazette about a committee recommendation to increase the minimum appointment from 25% to 33% for GAs to receive tuition waivers. 


The Provost's letter concerning Library reorganization has been widely disseminated, including to other Deans on campus. Paula has asked the three AULs to prepare a response to the Provost by the end of April.  The response will outline what kind of changes could be attempted and reflect the accelerated time line the Provost has asked for.  The other Deans are supportive of the changes the Provost outlines. Paula stated that we won't be able to change everything all at once.  Paula then read a letter from Alex Scheeline, chair of the Senate Committee on the Library urging a proactive response to the new mandate, articulating alternatives where necessary.  (A copy of the letter is available at:  Once a draft response is ready, EC, the Senate Committee and the Library faculty and staff will have a chance to look it over and offer additional feedback.  The Physical Sciences and Engineering Division has already sent Paula a response to the Provost's letter.


--Jane Block urged that the integrity and beauty of our library spaces be preserved in planning departmental mergers

--Jo Kibbee noted that there must be order to the actions taken: not all mergers could be done at the same time

--Bill Mischo noted that many ideas in the Provost's letter were not in the New Service Model plan

--Sue Searing wondered whether we would retreat from having subject specialists.  Tom Teper said that specialist management of collection funds was not at issue, but that without new money we will need to different ways to meet collection needs.

--Kathleen Kluegel was told that the Library had money in reserve to deal with some aspects of the expected budget shortfalls.

--Katie Newman asked whether we were paying rent or utilities on our spaces.  She was told that we are not, but that a utilities tax is expected.

--Alvan Bregman asked how we would know when we've been successful in making organizational change, since no budgetary target has been assigned. 


4.     Executive Committee Report (Bill Mischo)


See for minutes.  Bill Mischo asked for comments on New Service Models and other reports as EC discusses them.  The Communications/LIS report had been approved and implementation was proceeding.  The new Unit Heads policy was going to Administrative Council.  All national searches were either cancelled or changed to internal searches. 


A new procedure concerning promotion to full professor was being designed.  In answer to a question from Kathleen Kern, Bill said that the difficulty in associate professors going forward had typically been at the Library level, and that the new procedure will be more rigorous and systematic. 


--Cindy Ingold asked with a peer review committee would be assigned

--Alvan Bregman asked whether faculty currently expecting to apply would be held back or held to new standards by the new three-year timeline. Comments from Bill, Paula and Scott Walter indicated that this would not be the case.


5.     New Service Models Update (JoAnn Jacoby)


JoAnn said that the Provost's letter would require the work of current NSM teams to proceed more quickly than the original three-year timeline had dictated.  She pointed to various means of communication within teams and between the teams and stakeholders.


We need to continue to strive to have a deep engagement in research activities. Even if separate departmental libraries are eliminated, it is intended that the Library will continue to provide collections, services and support to foster excellence in the departments and programs they served.  


PowerPoint slides of JoAnn's presentation are available at



6.     I3 and ICHASS (John Unsworth, Dean, GSLIS)


Paula and John have been on the steering committee for the Illinois Informatics Initiative (I3) some time.  John took over the directorship of I3 from Marc Snir in Fall 2008 on an interim basis.  He will direct I3 in addition to remaining the Dean of LIS.  I3 will be moving to 306 Library in the near future; part of the Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) program will also be moving there.


John emphasized that informatics is very important not only to GSLIS, but to over 200 faculty in various departments across campus.  I3 is designed to promote and coordinate their activities.  To this end, I3 is engaged in education, outreach and research.  The undergraduate minor is attracting students from all across campus; including many from engineering.  Library faculty were encouraged to communicate with Judy Toliver if they could help students looking for projects.


I3 is working on a proposal for an undergraduate major in informatics. This would be offered in more than one college.  A model arrangement is being worked out between GSLIS and FAA.  There will be significant overlap in the core, but individual colleges can design programs that are really tailored to there student clientele.  I3 is also coordinating a Bio-informatics Masters Program, involving five units on campus.


There are two research units associated with I3.  One is the GSLIS Community Informatics Initiative (CII), co-directed by Ann Bishop and Caroline Haythornthwaite; the CII is involved in research and community outreach.  The other is CHASS, the Center for Computing and Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.  A campus search for a new faculty director of CHASS will be undertaken to replace Vernon Burton, who has retired.


I3 will be sponsoring two post-docs with IPRH and Communications.  There will also be opportunities to apply for funding for informatics-related workshops and seminars.


I3 will be involved with several demonstration projects on campus, including one with the Library designed to develop BibApp.  The other demonstration project involves the development of an human resources auction system, in which jobs in one unit can be put out to bid from others on campus.  The system is complex because it must take into account more than just the lowest bid.


--JoAnn Jacoby thought the HR system would be interesting to use within the Library in sharing staff.

--Becky Smith suggested that it would be helpful to see winning proposals.


7.     Research and Publication Committee (Marek Sroka)


From July 2008 to January 2009 RPC has awarded $9,383.  RPC also offers funds for copy cards.  The Budget Group has committed to funding RPC for FY2010 in the amount of $35,000.  This level of funding may decrease if faculty do not taking advantage of the grants. Junior faculty are particularly encouraged to apply.


Cindy Ingold asked whether RPC funds were available to visiting faculty and was told that they may apply in the second semester.


RPC is sponsoring Brown Bag lectures on February 24 and March 10. People who have been awarded grants will be speaking about their research.  


8.     "New Directions in Digital Humanities Scholarship" Symposium (Mary Stuart)

The symposium, to be held February 26-27, 2009, in 126 GSLIS, is sponsored by the Council on

Library and Information Resources, the University Library, the Illinois Informatics Institute, the
Department of History, and the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities. The symposium will
consider a number of interrelated questions, such as, What opportunities result from the creation
of large corpora of digitized texts and images and the development of new tools for text mining,
visualization, and collaboration? What are the obstacles to adoption of the tools and methods of
digital humanities scholarship? What are the limitations of existing digital collections and
analytical tools? The focus will be on the scholar's experience with new technologies, rather than
on the tools themselves.
The program will open with a keynote address by Mark Kornbluh, Director of MATRIX:  The Center for

Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at Michigan State University, at 5 p.m. on
Thursday, February 26. Symposium sessions will run from 8:45 to 4:45 on Friday, February 27. The
program features project profiles by several of the leading practitioners of digital humanities
scholarship, as well as panel discussions exploring the opportunities and obstacles posed by
humanities computing. More information about the program is available at
There is no fee to attend and no advance registration required. Questions about the symposium are

welcome (send to



9.     Old business


There was no old business.


10.  New business


There was no new business.


11.  Announcements


Adriana Cuervo announced the next Colloquium speakers.


April 9, 2009:  Dr. Lee Vedder, Director of Collections and Exhibitions, Allentown Art Museum, Krannert Museum Auditorium, 4 PM.

April 23, 2009:  Lori Goetsch, Vice-President/President-Elect of ACRL and the Dean Of Libraries at Kansas State University. Time/location TBA.


Becky Smith announced that on February 19, cookies and cake would be served in 127 Library from 11:00am-4:00pm.


12.  Adjournment


The committee adjourned at 4:45pm with a motion by Lynne Rudasill, seconded by Diane Schmidt.


Alvan Bregman

Faculty Secretary