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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
3:00 – 4:30 pm
GSLIS Room 126 

Paula Kaufman, presiding 

1.      Approval of faculty meeting minutes of  September 19, 2007

Minutes were approved as submitted with a motion by Lisa Hinchliffe, seconded by Kathleen Klugel 

2.      Introductions and University Librarian’s report (Paula Kaufman)

      John Wagstaff introduced Mark Puente, Music Digital Projects and Special/Gift Collections Coordinator in the Music Library.        

Paula reported that the Budget Group+ (BG+) has been working on the New Service Models (NSM). EC has now seen the proposals and made comments. BG+ has sorted the proposals into those that are mostly operational and not part of this process, plans that are unworkable, and those they are considering.        

All units impacted by any of the proposals will be contacted for input before any decisions are made. Once this happens, the proposals will be made available to the Library faculty as a whole.        

The Humanities Council, made up of the department heads in the humanities, has appointed a small advisory committee. Paula met with them along with Bruce Swann. They will meet with the BG+ to discuss their concerns about the NSM.        

The Global Campus is offering two sets of courses: Nursing at UIC and several courses from UIUC College of Education. These students don’t have net IDs, but we are working at giving them access to the learning tools they need.        

Beth Sandore commented that IT is aware that e-resources access is an issue and they are working with UIC to make these products available to the students.         Paula is chairing the CIC shared digital repository governance group. They are working with Michigan and Indiana, the two institutions that are going to be providing the technical infrastructure, and hope that by the end of next week they will be close to signing an agreement. They are developing an MOU among all the CIC institutions about what this shared digital repository is and isn’t. There will be a separate agreement between the CIC Libraries and Michigan and Indiana about the services that we will be contracting with them in terms of the infrastructure for this new facility.        

We are also planning, in the future, to look at various kinds of services that will be applied to what will be a growing database of full text materials. We’re thinking of things like text mining and digitization and other kinds of service applications that will help advance scholarship. We not any where near that yet. We’re trying to get basic agreements in place and hopefully that will happen soon because Michigan has a lot of content to start making available in this facility. Wisconsin has some as well.        

As you’ve seen from Betsy Kruger’s message, we have identified our strong collections for Google’s decision making about what collections are going to be digitized. We haven’t heard anything back from that process. Hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll know what they are going to digitize from our collections and what the schedule for that will be.        

Jo Kibbee asked whether Paula had had any reactions to the article in The New York Times about the Google Books because of the access issues.        

Paula has only heard from a student in Journalism that earlier today interviewed her for a class he is taking. That’s the only reaction she has had. Beth Sandore has just come back from the CIC Library IT Directors meeting and may have more information.        

Beth commented that the group put together a list of 15 questions that have to do with figuring out what it means to deposit Google books, books that we digitize, into the shared digital repository (SDR). In keeping with the agreements that the CIC Libraries and Google has made to digitize those books, the SDR cannot be a completely open digital depository. They will be indexed and discoverable by many different sources, but the SDR will not be an open tool. That is what we have to work on with CIC, to understand what it means to be an open resource. We have to realize that we are within an agreement now and we have to figure out what that means.      

Paula commented that had we not made this agreement with Google, most of the materials that will be digitized through the Google digitization project would never have gotten digitized. When you think about each item that is digitized costs approximately $100 and they are going to do a million of our volumes; that’s $100 million.        

At the Council of Deans (COD) meeting, Dean Gallagher (Applied Health Studies) made a presentation on behalf of the Health and Wellness Steering Team that she chairs. They have recommended that we have a health and wellness initiative on campus and that it have a physical presence, staff to do its administrative work, and money to get things going. The COD is enthusiastic about a health and wellness initiative. We have many strengths across campus and many researchers across campus that didn’t even know that the other existed. Pulling this together makes sense because there is money at NIH granting agencies. Dean Gallagher was charged by the Provost to lead a team to develop an implementation plan.        

The Deans met with Chip Zukoski, the Vice Chancellor for Research. There is concern that grant income is declining and there is an increased effort on campus to motivate faculty to find grant opportunities. However, the Library’s grant income is increasing.  

3.      Committee Reports

      Executive Committee (Chris Prom)

The Executive Committee met three times since the last Faculty Meeting on September 19th.    This report provides a summary of discussions and actions since then.  A full list of meetings and minutes for each meeting are available through the EC website at:

There is relatively little to report at this time.  At our September 24 meeting, we discussed several personnel issues, including Peer Review Committee reassignments as well as the request of a campus director for a joint appointment in the Library.   EC discussed the possibility of recommend a nominee for the campus Promotion and Tenure Committee, but declined to do so, as Nancy O’Brien already serves on the committee.

EC also discussed the global campus initiative’s impact on the Library.  Full details of our discussion are in the minutes.  Paula and other University Librarians will meet with head of Global Campus to discuss how services might be best provided to these students.

At our October 8 meeting, we discussed issues related to EC agenda: to clarify, any member of the library can request that an item be added to EC’s agenda by contacting an EC member; if the EC member agrees to add the item, it will be added.  We wish to encourage discussion of any legitimate issue concerning faculty in the library.

We also reviewed a position description for a visiting research programmer from Library IT and discussed the position and potential funding sources with Head of Library IT Policy and Planning Beth Sandore.

At the Oct 8 and 22 meetings, EC also discussed the new service model proposal that have been submitted.  EC has also examined some internal discussion documents that the BudgetPlus Group prepared and provided recommendations to the BudgetPlus group.  These recommendations will be considered as part of the draft report the Budget Plus Group is developing.

At the October 8 meeting, we discussed the proposed GA evaluation policy, and asked for some clarifications regarding the information GA’s are asked to provide.

     User Education Committee-15 minutes

Members of the User Education Committee for all or part of 2006-2007 were Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Dawn Cassady, Lori Carroll, Christpher Hamb, Merinda Hensley, Lisa Hinchliffe (chair), Karen Hogenboom, James Kelly, Emily Love, Lori Mestre, Joe Straw, Ellen Swain, and Nikki Wright.

I wish to particularly acknowledge Lori Carroll who has completed her term of service and welcome Bernice Harrington who has joined for 2007-2009, as well as the many members who requested re-appointment.

The User Education Committee met ten times in 2006-2007 and was quite active. The following list highlights some of the activities:

Ø      Community Outreach Working Group - Explored opportunities for developing instruction programs that reach beyond campus courses and groups. The group recommended focusing on outreach to local high school teachers and librarians and a new working group is exploring options for specific programs in 2007-2008.

Ø      Graduate Student Information Literacy Needs Assessment Working Group - Explored the information literacy needs of graduate students. The work of this group is still ongoing.

Ø      Professional Development for Teaching and Learning Working Group - Pursued support to sponsor librarian participation in the Illinois Immersion Program from the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy.

Ø      Online Tutorials Working Group - Articulated the integration of online educational materials in the context of course-integrated instruction and identified short online games that can be used to reinforce specific information seeking concepts.

Ø      Awards Working Group - Provided ideas for librarian teaching awards in the context of the campus faculty teaching awards program and discussed possibilities for student research process awards modeled on other research library student award programs.

Ø      International Education Week Working Group – Coordinated Library participation in the campus International Education Week.


·         Worked with the Staff Development and Training Committee to review the software supporting Event Calendaring and Registration and purchased an upgrade for the software system.

·         Conducted a committee self-review as requested by the Executive Committee.

·         Identified technology for instruction currently supported by Library IT as well as identified areas of need for information technology for information literacy, which were conveyed to Library IT as part of the IT Review process.

·         Provided Scott Walter, AUL for Services, a briefing on committee activities, areas of focus, and processes.

·         Encouraged Library proposals for the campus Graduate Academy for College Teaching and Online Learning Symposium (a Library-sponsored proposal was competitively accepted for each).

·         Discussed possible contributions to the "@ Your Service" blog.

·         Provided Snag-It and Camtasia software to library units developing instructional materials.

·         Explored the possibilities of LibGuides from SpringShare to support the development of subject pathfinders and course support library guides.

·         Reviewed and proofread the original 130+ webpages that comprise the new Gateway.

The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its past successes. The Committee will be continuing its practice of utilizing working groups for specific projects and I am grateful to all who have agreed to contribute to one or more of these projects. To foreshadow some of the projects that I will report to you on a year from now, 2007-2008 activities will include: contributing to the campus student learning outcomes assessment process related to the 2009 re-accreditation visit; a more robust set of professional development offerings related to information literacy, teaching, and learning; and an information literacy portal for teaching librarians.

  4.   Discussion of a new product-LibGuides (Lisa Hinchliffe)      

Lisa handed out a sheet with the LibGuides web site: To activate an account for a librarian or library contact Merinda Hensley at To receive report for converting an existing guide contact Lisa Hinchliffe at, If you’re interested in attending a hands-on training session, they will be held on November 2 from 1:00-2:00 in 291 UGL or November 13 from 3:00-4:00pm in 291 UGL.  

5    Old business


6.   New business

      Katie Newman asked what faculty could expect from the Planning Process meeting on October 30. Paula commented that the meeting was for any faculty or staff member on campus that is interested about the process the Library will use to make decisions about the NSM, answer questions, and dispel rumors.

      Jo Kibbee asked about the status of the Library’s Faculty Excellence Hire. Paula stated that the proposal has gone to the Provost’s office.

7.   Announcements

      There is a Research Rally in UGL on 10/24 from 7:00-8:00pm.

      On November 3 from 7:00-10:00pm UGL will hold their third Gaming Night with the theme of music.

8.   Adjournment

      Motion by Kathleen Kern, seconded by Kathleen Kluegel.