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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
3:00 - 5:00 pm
GSLIS Room 126

Paula Kaufman, presiding

1.   Approval of faculty meeting minutes of April 25, 2007

      Minutes were approved by a motion from Becky Smith, seconded by Betsy Kruger.

2.   Introduction of new faculty members (Paula Kaufman)

      John Wagstaff introduced Kirsten Dougan, Music User Services Coordinator in the Music Library. Bill Mischo introduced Barry Bailey, Visiting Digital Library Resident in the Grainger Library and Camilla Fulton, Assistant Digitization and Web Content Librarian in Digital Services and Development. Paula Kaufman introduced Vicki Trimble, Assistant Dean in the Office of Library Advancement. Lisa Hinchliffe introduced Jim Hahn, Orientation Services Librarian in UGL. Jennifer Teper introduced Jimi Jones, Visiting Audio-Visual Project Coordinator in Conservation.            

3.   Introduction of Mortenson Associates who are at the Center for September and October (Barbara Ford)

      Please see attached for list of Mortenson Associates.

4.   University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman)

      Paula introduced and congratulated the most recently promoted faculty; Full professor - Jo Kibbee; Assoc. Professors - Karen Hogenboom, JoAnn Jacoby, Qiang Jin, Lura Joseph, Jennifer Teper, Tom Teper, Cherié Weible.

      The UI Foundation's annual meeting is next Thursday, September 27. There will be many donors in the Library, so please take a minute to greet them. There will also be an open house from 3:00-5:00 at the Conservation Lab, Oak St. facility.

      Next Wednesday, September 26 is Jane Block's investiture at the Turyn Professor. The program begins at 3:00 at Temple Buell Hall with a reception following.

      You should be receiving information about reporting Non-University Activities (conflict of interest). Please fill those out completely and return them to Scott Walter. If your activities change over the year you are required to get approval from Paula and report the changes.

      The Deans were required to submit a hiring plan discussing the plan for paying for positions that will be hired last Friday. The Library is not to initiate any new searches until the Provost approved the plan.

      The Library received a confirming message from Mike Andrechak that we will have to set funds aside in the amount of 1.5% of its budget. Mid-year it will be determined whether the funds can be released. This excludes the Collections budget but still amounts to approximately $320,000. The only place the Library can make up those dollars is in personnel. Therefore, with the advice of EC, all searches will be halted except in the case where individuals have been through the interview process. Other searches can continue but will not be permitted to do interview until February. If the funds are released the plan is to put it towards the loans we have.

      The Budget+ group will have one line summaries ready to be viewed by the end of next week and more substantial work will be completed by the end of October.

5.   Committee Reports

Executive Committee (Chris Prom)

The Executive Committee met 13 times since the last Faculty Meeting on April 25t th. This report provides a summary of discussions and actions since then. A full list of meetings and minutes for each meeting are available through the EC website at:

I recommend that in the future, EC reports at the faculty meeting be limited to a report of business since the last published sets of minutes, and that time be provided for a discussion of any questions or issue which the faculty might wish to raise concerning EC work. I would be happy to hear a motion from the floor to this effect.

Appointments and Faculty Issues

Due to the budget situation and the status of outstanding searches EC recommended that the June 1 call for positions be cancelled, and the status of this will continue to be reassessed pending further budget information.

EC reviewed and approved changes to the search committee procedural guidelines. EC agreed on a new procedure for contacting external reviewers in advance regarding their willingness to write letters for candidates in promotion cases, and also reviewed and made recommendations concerning evaluative processes for Law Library faculty.

We also discussed the issue of faculty research leaves. In accord with campus policies, we recommend that that Library not grant formal leaves outside of the sabbatical system. The Library supports research, and all candidates are encouraged to find a research style which best meets their needs, in consultation with unit heads.  In cases where suitable accommodation cannot be made, faculty should discuss the issue with the University Librarian. EC approved a "Statement on Research Time," which is now available through the web site.

EC discussed guidelines for visiting Faculty and AP positions, and approved a policy document at its August 6 th meeting. Briefly, the guidelines state that:

·                     If the job is 100% Librarianship, the appointment will be AP

·                     For the transition period, through August 15, 2008, visiting academic personnel appointed prior to August 2007 should meet with their supervisor and determine the division of their responsibilities and forward the job description to the Executive Committee (EC) for review. The Executive Committee will then either confirm the arrangements, or recommend discussion with a designated EC representative. Once agreement has been reached about the focus and responsibilities for each position, a letter of clarification/confirmation will be sent to the individual.

EC made recommendations on committee assignments.

EC approved the position description for Digital Content Coordinator, for two Metadata Librarian Positions and recommended members of the search committee. (The positions were funded by reallocation within technical services division.) EC recommended approval of the Visiting Assistant Engineering Librarian position and half-time IRIS coordinator, and a UIUC contribution toward an intellectual property lawyer to be shared among the three campus Libraries. EC also approved a Reference Instructional Services Position to be funded from the current visiting position of same title.

EC reviewed two TOPS position request and one faculty excellence hire: DSD & Web Content, Music Digital Projects and Special/Gift Collections Coordinator and Emerging Technologies Librarian. EC recommended that more emphasis be placed on mentoring and training for the TOP hires.

EC recommended approval of the title of Assistant Dean for Rod Allen, Jeff Schrader, and Vicki Trimble in their respective positions, and the title of Associate Dean for the Associate University Librarians.

EC discussed and made recommendations concerning numerous peer review committees and also discussed issues related to the poor quality of some reports that have been received. We would like to discuss this topic further with the faculty, in particular, whether changes to the process might improve its effectiveness.

EC reaffirmed its current policies regarding the recommendation of emeritus appointments.

EC discussed a few other confidential personnel matters, including the status of 4Y and 5Y tenure cases.

Budget Issues

EC made recommendations concerning priorities for the use of the Library/IT Fee monies that might be allocated to the Library (increased hours of operation in the Undergraduate and Grainger Libraries; inflation coverage; the shared digital repository (CIC); support for the Google digitization project; digitization, including Illinois Harvest).

Rod Allen provided us with an overview of issues considered as the Library undertook budget planning for FY 08, including the potential impact of campus taxes, the library fee, inflation, currency devaluation, minimum wage increase. Once the budget had been received, EC formally recommended the budget as submitted by the Budget Group.

Other Business

EC discussed a proposal to consolidate the CPLA with the Funk Library and plans for a new service model for the ILIR Library. Also discussed, but made no recommendations concerning, the Access Services and Integrative Research Services Reports.

EC discussed procedures regarding the status, composition, and authority of the Budget Plus group, recommending that the process include significant opportunities for faculty input and review.

EC reviewed ICR fund grant requests and discussed the status of revenue generating activities in the Library.

EC discussed a proposal for a new committee to promote awareness of the Library and its services to a broader audience. Several issues were raised, including the possible overlap of this committee with the work of the Community Outreach Planning Group, a subcommittee of the User Education Committee; and its relationship to the Development Office. A recommendation will be made pending further consultation.

 6.   Visitors from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access-Inclusive Illinois

(Emily Love)

Menah Pratt-Clark from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access discussed the Inclusive Illinois Program (, the Chancellor's one campus initiative.

Inclusive Illinois is about promoting and fostering an inclusive and diverse campus community. Inclusive Illinois involves examination, challenge, and change. It encourages the exploration of how perceptions, ideas, and experiences influence conduct and behavior. The University's goal is to heighten awareness and engagement about issues of identity and importance of examining and respecting differences based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, physical ability, religion, as well as the multiple and intersecting ways we see ourselves and others. In addition, to enhance the working, living, and learning environment for faculty, staff, and students, the University will encourage a standard of conduct and behavior that is consistent with the values of inclusivity. In an environment of inclusivity, there is no place for acts of hatred, intolerance, insensitivity, bigotry, threats of violence, harassment or discrimination.

What keeps this initiative from being just another initiative that's all talk and no substance? The campus is committed to a longer-term program of education and awareness.

Will there be outreach to communities before the students arrive at UIUC? Presently there is the University 101 course that is mandatory for freshmen. Diversity is one component of that program.

7.   Searching for our new digital content via Illinois Harvest portal, OPAC, and OCLC (Betsy Kruger, Tim Cole and Michael Norman)

      See attached for new programs and search engines.

8.   Old business

      None reported.

9.   New business

      None reported.

10. Announcements

      Barbara Ford - The 17 th Annual Mortenson Lecture will be October 19 at 11:00am in 126 GSLIS.

      Joyce Wright - if anyone has something they'd like to submit for the "Looking for..." column in the Compendium, send to Cindy Ashwill by October 1.

      Lisa Hinchliffe - thank you for the submissions regarding orientation activities. The Library took part in 30 campus events. A special thanks goes to Jim Hahn, Emily Love, Susan Avery and Merinda Hensley.

      Lisa Hinchliffe - User Ed Committee found a tool called that makes pathfinders available. In October they will be introducing starter kits. Let Lisa know if you'd like to be a first user.

      Sue Searing - Tuesday, October 2 and 5 at 7:30 will be a screening of "The Hollywood Librarian.  This will be in 126 GSLIS and costs $5 for students, and $8 for the public.  Library faculty and staff are admitted for free, with donations accepted.  This is a feel good library documentary which was well received at the ALA Annual Convention in June. 

11. Adjournment

      The meeting was adjourned at 4:35pm by a motion from Becky Smith, seconded by Qiang Jin.