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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3:00 – 4:30 pm

3 rd Floor Levis Center

(Refreshments at 2:30) 

Chris Prom, presiding 

1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of April 23, 2008

There wasn’t a quorum, so minutes could not be approved.  

2. Introductions of New Faculty Members

There were no new faculty members.  

3. Committee Reports

Chris gave the report in Paula Kaufman’s absence.

The BOT meets on July 24 to approve the University budget. Rod Allen will get the final budget figures after that. We don’t know yet whether we have to give back the rescission money. If we don’t , we will apply it to the rescission requirement in the upcoming budget year. We expect our tax liability to be higher next year.

The Library submitted a request to the Provost’s Advisory Committee in charge of the fee money.

We received approval for the new air handler for RBML. It is slated to be completed by 2010. Jeff Schrader will be coordinating the work.

Chris Prom
Please see for the latest approved, final minutes.

4. Zero Time Appointment for Patricia Miller, Executive Director of the Illinois Heritage Association - Chris Prom
Searing questioned if we would have any financial obligation to her if her faculty position ended with the Illinois Heritage Association. We would have not financial obligation. Miller has contributed to many Library grants and it was felt that going ahead with this appointment would facilitate collegiality.

5. Bylaws Committee - Al Kagan and Mary Mallory
Al read the proposal. He feels it is timely as we’ve started planning for implementing the NSM. This would guarantee another level of clarity. The form by which advice is given would be by
vote. The change in bylaws would be in conformance with University regulations in the Senate. There was no quorum, so a vote could not be taken. If you have any questions contact the
Bylaws committee.

6. Old business


7. New business


8. Announcements

Claudia Alcala Iniguez will be leaving the Library for a new job in Iowa. There will be a reception on July 24 in Modern Languages.

9. Adjournment