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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3:00 – 4:30 pm

GSLIS Room 126


Karen Schmidt, presiding


1.      Approval of faculty meeting minutes of October 18, 2006


Mary Laskowski moved that the minutes be accepted.  Qiang Jin seconded.  The minutes were approved


2.      University Librarian’s report  (Karen Schmidt)


      Apologies for the absence of refreshments.  Apparently the caterers, unlike the  hearty library faculty, were unable to brave the stormy weather to bring them.


      Library/IT Fee


Last spring, Provost Katehi indicated her interest in looking at a fee or tuition increase for the Library.  Some background on this was provided in last month’s minutes.  Today, Karen distributed a draft of a document outlining some of the potential benefits to the library of such a fee.  (attached). 


Global Campus


We heard some of the background on this at the October meeting (see those minutes).  Today, Karen distributed a draft of some assumptions and costs should the library be asked to provide full services to Global Campus students.(attached).


The document generated some discussion.  Maher asked about costs, whether the estimates in the document were realistic.  Walter discussed the figures but admitted they could go higher.  Laskowski asked about net IDs and whether all students would be assigned them.  Cole commented that our involvement might hinge on who would be teaching the courses for Global Campus (i.e., regular faculty with whom we already work or adjunct faculty off campus).  Teper presented the example of an agreement with the Research Park to allow them to access some electronic services and the attendant costs.  Kibbee reminded the group of the issues that arose around the new Alumni/ae access to certain databases and cautioned that additional staff might be necessary to serve Global Campus.  It was suggested to Karen that our concerns should be voiced to the co-chairs of the committee of the Senate Task Force charged with promoting Global Campus.


3.      Committee Reports


Executive Committee (Cindy Ingold for Chris Prom)


EC has met four times since the last faculty meeting, on October 23, October 30, November 6 and November 13.


At the October 23 meeting EC

·    Heard about plans on how the Library is responding to the Global Campus initiative

·    Provided input to the chair of the search committee for the AUL for Collections on the position description

·    Provided input to Karen about the responsibilities for the Acting AUL for Information Technology Planning and Policy


At the October 30 meeting, EC:

·    Discussed funding for a position in the Library Systems Office

·    Recommended that the Library fill the head of DSD with an internal interim appointment

·    Approved a charge for the Large Scale Digitization Working Group

·    Endorsed the proposed reorganization of the IDEALS Working Group


At the November 6 meeting, EC:

·    Finalized our process for handling position requests, which are due on December 1

·    Recommended that the head of CPLA Library should be filled with a visiting internal appointment

·    Discussed the charges to CAPT and the Library IT Advisory Committee and any overlap the two groups might have


At the November 13 meeting, EC:

·    Approved a position request for a visiting assistant professor in reference, to fill the position vacated by Joe Straw, through the end of the academic year.  Subsequent to the meeting, we agreed to extend it to December 2007.

·    Discussed the criteria for recommending Emeritus status, but made no recommendation for further action.

·    Reviewed applications for filling the AUL for ITTP and the head of DSD positions, and made a recommendation to the Acting University Librarian

·    Discussed the process for prioritizing strategic plan initiatives, and will return to that discussion at a later meeting.


4.      Update on the work of the Campus Promotion and Tenure Reform Committee    (Tim Cole)


Cole invited everyone to a P & T forum to be held in Grainger Commons 1:30-3:30 on 29 November. An email reminder and more details will be coming from him soon.


He also explained that he serves on the Provost’s P & T Reform Committee which is soliciting ideas and listening to concerns faculty may have about the current process.  The Committee will soon have a website in place, describing their charge and membership.  Some of the concerns Cole mentioned as high on the agenda are:


1).      Interdisciplinary scholarship issues
2).      Translational Research
3).      Outreach and Engagement and how it is weighted in P&T decisions
4).      Whether the overall documentation is clear, timelines appropriate, and appeal process fair.
5).       He also reminded us that there will soon be a P&T committee election . 

5.      No old business


6.      No new business


7.      Announcements

      Karen Schmidt announced that this was the last faculty meeting for two retiring colleagues, Gene Rinkel and Priscilla Yu.  She thanked them and the faculty applauded them for their service.


      Beth Sandore announced that IMLS grant abstracts would be due November 17, but that the review panel would wait for the new guidelines from IMLS (due out after Thanksgiving) to review them.


Valerie Hotchkiss announced an open house to mark Gene Rinkel’s retirement on December 15, 2006 from 2-5pm in RBML. All are welcomed to drop in. 

Beth Sandore announced that Library IT would be establishing office consultation
hours for advice on technological matters.


9.       Adjournment

Teper  made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Maher seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 4:10pm. 


--Valerie Hotchkiss

Secretary of the Faculty