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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3:00 – 4:30 pm

GSLIS Room 126


Karen Schmidt, presiding

1. Ap proval of faculty meeting minutes of  July 26, 2006


Kathleen Kluegel made a motion to approve the minutes and Qiang Jin seconded the motion.  The motion passed without discussion.


2.  Introduction of new faculty members


Karen Schmidt introduced Scott Walter, Associate University Librarian for Services.


Kathleen Kluegel introduced Claudia Alcala Iniguez, Visiting Librarian for Germanic Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature.


Beth Woodard introduced Leah Dodd, Visiting Assistant Librarian for Digital Resources and Reference Service.


Bill Mischo introduced Nikki Wright, Assistant Engineering and Technology Librarian, Grainger Engineering Library.


Lisa Hinchliffe introduced Meg Burger, Learning Commons Coordinator, Undergraduate Library; and Emily Love, Outreach Librarian for Multicultural Services, Office of Services.


Tim Cole introduced Amy Jackson, Project Coordinator, IMLS Digital Collections and Content; and Szu-Yu Chao, Visiting Portal Librarian for Illinois Harvest.


For Nancy O’Brien, Karen Schmidt introduced Tracy Wilson, CLIR Fellow and Folklore Scholar, Education and Social Sciences Library.


Barbara  Ford introduced 17 Mortenson Center Associates who are at the Center for September and October. The list of associates is available as a supplementary document to this meeting.


Jo Kibbee introduced Amelie Church, intern in Reference Services, from the National Library of France.


3. University Librarian’s report (Karen Schmidt)


Karen announced that the Library received $1 million for a feasibility study on remodeling based on the Shepley-Bulfinch report. The study will involve putting together a timetable to establish an infrastructure for remodeling.


Karen reminded the faculty of the meeting scheduled on Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 9:00 with Provost Linda Katehi in the Monsanto Room of the ACES Library. Several questions posed by the faculty have been submitted to the Provost. Her visit includes a meeting with the Executive Committee, a tour of the Undergraduate Library, and a tour of other departmental libraries.


A reminder that announcements are forthcoming concerning the annual Online Ethics Training Program. The University expects 100% compliance.


A reminder of the upcoming deadline for the individual annual report on non-university activities/conflict of interest.


Karen reported that in connection with the Deans’ Council discussion of the University Strategic Plan, there will be a meeting on Friday, September 22, 2006, of the Executive Committee and Administrative Council to discuss the Library Strategic Plan and how the Library will meet the strategies.


4. Committee Reports

Executive Committee (Chris Prom)


Since the last faculty meeting, EC has met six times-- on July 31, August 7, August 14, August 31, September 6, and September 11.  EC also had a special meeting on August 28 with Beth Sandore to discuss IT reorganization. Minutes from the July 31 and August 7 meetings on available on the web, so these comments focus on the other four meetings.


EC reviewed applications for the position of Acting AUL for Collections and made a recommendation for an appointment. EC continued discussion of position requests at almost all of these meetings. EC met with Tom Teper, the acting AUL for Collections, to discuss how preservation activities would be handled during the coming year. The committee also met with Rod Allen for an update on FY07 budget.


EC elected a vice-chair and secretary for the coming year. Chris Prom will serve as vice-chair, and Cindy Ingold (Fall 2006) and Janice Pilch (Spring-Summer 2007) will serve as secretary. Names were suggested for search committees for Special Collections Conservator and Serials Management Specialist, and EC discussed filling the position of head of ILL/DD.


At the September 11, 2006 meeting, the committee discussed a proposal for implementing a standardized review for associate professors, to inform their progress towards full professorship. Each faculty member could be assigned a peer review committee, and a review could be conducted five years after achieving tenure. EC recommended that the proposal be discussed by the Faculty Review Committee and be addressed at the October or November faculty meeting. Full details will be discussed at an upcoming faculty meeting with Beth Woodard.


The committee made a recommendation concerning the ILL/DD position, and approved requests for two e-resource positions. The committee discussed another position request, and delayed a decision pending further information concerning the Library budget and the Library IT Report.


The committee tentatively discussed charging a task force to work on phase two in the development of the Scholarly Commons, and will continue the discussion at the September 25 meeting. The committee approved a nomination for the campus P & T Reform Committee. The committee discussed procedures for filling positions without a formal search, and reaffirmed a commitment to be more consistent in the process for requiring national searches and authorizing search waivers.


User Education Committee
(Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe)


Lisa thanked the faculty for the opportunity to present this annual report. Members of the User Education Committee for 2005-2006 were Melody Allison, Susan Avery, Paula Carns, Lori Carroll, Christopher Hamb, Karen Hogenboom, Patricia Hswe, James Kelly, Lori Mestre, Joe Straw, Yoo-Seong Song, and Lisa Hinchliffe as chair. In Spring 2006 the committee benefited from the able assistance of graduate assistant Chris Stevens. Lisa acknowledged Yoo-Seong Song who has rotated off the committee and welcomed Dawn Cassidy who has joined for 2006-2007, as well as the many members who requested re-appointment.


Highlights of the committee’s activities this year included:


·         Continued to plan, expand, and support the annual Library Fall Festival.

·         Established the Outreach Innovations Working Group, a sub-committee which created and promulgated the Library Toolbar, search plugins for Firefox, the Library Bookmarklet, and the Greasemonkey Search Script (all available from the LibLabs website –, sponsored a Library workshop for campus academic advisors, and investigated a research skills wiki for patrons.

·         Re-established the Information Literacy and Instruction Lunch Discussions.

·         Explored options for instruction through gaming and virtual worlds.

·         Sponsored a promotion to highlight the CD and DVD circulation policies in the Music Library.

·         Provided Snag-It and Camtasia software to library units developing instructional materials.

·         Initiated work on a graduate student information literacy needs assessment

·         Discussed ways to support the Institute for Information Literacy Immersion Program if Illinois was selected as the regional host for 2007.

·         Co-sponsored the Edible Books Festival.

·         Identified areas of computing, software, and network needs to support instruction for contribution to the IT Review process.

·         Investigated the University of Michigan Library’s Instructor College as a model for professional development for teaching.


The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its past successes. Its members are particularly looking to start some new projects and re-vitalize those that have waned a bit in the recent past such as the GSLIS-Library Teaching Alliance. Lisa welcomed any questions and suggestions.

Bylaws Committee (Nancy O’Brien)

Nancy introduced the discussion of the proposed amendments to the Library bylaws, continuing
from the July 26 meeting. She presented the current options of sending the proposed amendments for
a ballot in their entirety, in segments, or selectively.

Kathleen Kluegel clarified that the first motion at the July meeting had been to divide the
proposed amendments into segments and to vote on them individually, and that they needed to be “
presented, discussed and voted on.” There was agreement on this procedure.

Chris Prom, on behalf of the Executive Committee, stated that EC had discussed the process of making a decision regarding the proposed
amendments, and believes that it would be most fair and expeditious to have each of the proposed
changes submitted for an individual ballot. EC is not endorsing the suggested changes, but
believes that it would best meet the common good to have them voted upon in an open manner by all
faculty members. He made the following motion:

"The Library Executive Committee moves that each of the five proposed bylaws amendments be
individually submitted for vote by the faculty, and that any further discussion of the merits or
demerits of each of the proposed changes be carried out via the LIBFAC listserv prior to the

There was a discussion of whether it was appropriate for EC to make a motion in this manner,
and it was clarified that standing committees may bring motions at faculty meetings, and they do
not need to be seconded.

It was suggested that the faculty take this time to debate, and the issue was open to
discussion. There was no discussion. The vote on the EC motion went forward, and passed. The result
will be that the proposed amendments to the bylaws will appear on a ballot for vote by the faculty.
The ballot will likely be electronic.

5. The Library Community & IDEALS: Information and demonstration (Sarah Schreeves)


Sarah provided an update on the IDEALS institutional repository initiative, currently in its pilot phase. The update included a demonstration of the website, available at:


Sarah also demonstrated the process of depositing an item into the depository and answered questions, clarifying that the site’s usage statistics are accurate and reflect real downloads; the site is open for deposit right now; some works may have access restrictions to comply with publisher embargo periods but most are unrestricted; people can access the site directly, but much access will happen through Google Scholar or "OAIster"; IDEALS staff will work to establish guidelines for language in negotiating contracts with publishers; UIUC faculty are identified in one community for deposit of works; and there is an option for depositing in HTML .


6. Open Content Alliance/Illinois Harvest Projects

Mass digitization and digital
content portal development funded by state and campus monies in FY07 (Tim Cole and Betsy Kruger)


Betsy presented on the mass digitization project being conducted in collaboration with the Open Content Alliance. The Mass Digitization Working Group is soliciting input on collections of materials that might be appropriate to digitize. Betsy and Beth Sandore encouraged faculty to send ideas to them.


Tim presented on the Illinois Harvest project.


The joint presentation is available on the Mass Digititization Wiki, at:


7. Old business


There was no old business.


8. New business


There was no new business.


9. Announcements


Barbara Ford announced that the 16th Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture will be held on Monday, October 16, 2006 at 4:00pm. Alex Byrne, University Librarian at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, and President of IFLA, will speak on the topic “Can International Organizations Deliver the Information Society?"


10. Adjournment

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Gail Hueting seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 4:45pm.


Janice Pilch

Substituting for Valerie Hotchkiss, Secretary of the Faculty