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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
3:00 - 4:30 pm
GSLIS Room 126

Paula Kaufman, presiding  

1.      Approval of faculty meeting minutes of September 21, 2005
Barbara Ford moved that the minutes be accepted, seconded by Tina Chrzastowski. Motion was approved unanimously.  

2.      Introduction of new faculty  
Sue Searing introduced Carissa Holler, Business & Finance Information Librarian in BEL; Scott Schwartz introduced Adriana Cuervo, Assistant Archivist for Music and Fine Arts for the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music. Janis Johnston introduced Stephanie Davidson, Head of Public Services in the Law Library and Ann Robbins, Law Acquisitions Librarian.  

3.      University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman) Paula reminded us that the Library Book Sale is tomorrow, and encouraged us to either sign up to help or go spend money.   Paula thanked everyone who has taken the Ethics training. She reminded us that October 27th a new time frame opens for graduate assistants and asked us to make sure they do the training when the first message comes. Otherwise many people will have to spend a lot of time making sure everyone completes the training. If there is a problem with a GA being out of country etc, let Paula know.   Maria Porta asked if this was to be a regular requirement. Paula responded that this is an annual requirement.     As the semester gets busier, Paula encouraged us to take good care of our health, to eat well, take vitamins, and get plenty of rest and exercise.   Campus strategic planning - Hand Out   Bob Burger and Paula attended a Council of Deans meeting. There is a short time frame in which to respond to this request. EC is overseeing the process. We have to respond by Monday. E format will follow. Please send Paula, electronically, responses that you recommend.   Pay attention to guiding principles on the front page. On page 3 is the template we need to respond to and it has four sections.   The research piece is very important to us. We will be limited to five points under each category. Strategies will also be limited to five. We have been heavy in research dollars - this is the century of biology according to the provost. We need to find ways to do basic research and find ways to translate that into practical programs.  On page 5, we are not looking for how the library fits in as much as for how we see the campus doing this, keeping in mind the library's role. Later we will assess our SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). On page 6 there is a list of competitors which does not include private universities, or foreign competitors (we have U of Toronto for example). There are no quantitative measures that cross borders. The Provost noted that next summer will be the start of the next National Research Council's ranking of programs in LAS and we should be prepared for poorer showings.   Chris Prom expressed concern about the Monday response deadline. Bob Burger responded that this is an iterative process, and there will be more give and take in the ongoing conversation.   David Ward asked if we are responding to just research goals. Paula responded that we are replying to anything on the handout. Greg Youngen asked if all three campuses are working on this.  Paula stated that each campus is working on it separately though she is not sure if our colleagues have the same template and schedule. Martha Wagner from the Chancellor's office is overseeing the process.   Lynn Wiley asked for clarification that this is not in lieu of our strategic planning. Paula said that we will still need to do that process based on this plan.   Time table:   October 19 - distribute templates October 24 feed back from us to Provost in response October 31 first draft to President White November 3 Dean's meeting November 21 feedback to Provost on SWOT December 5 revised draft of campus plan distributed to units December 16 feedback from units January 6 final plan to President White   Cindy Ingold asked if section 3 assessment on page 10 is comparing us to the institutions on page 5. Paula replied yes, however since we are so different from the campus units, considering that we might determine that one of our competitors would be Google, we need to state that and not just go with the peers they list.  On page 12, we will be allowed no more than 3 suggestions for interdisciplinary areas that the campus should be focusing on. We should submit our suggestions, if, for example, we think Information Science is important. We can drive the process.   Muhammad al-Faruque commented that if the focus is on the process of research, the library will need to support the areas of research. He asked how will we insert the Library's role? Paula replied that would be considered in SWOT under weakness. We should say we don't have a strong collection for the biomedical area, for example, and we need monies to support that initiative.   Paula asked if there are areas we should be pushing to emphasize our strengths.   Priscilla Yu suggested that we bring in interdisciplinary mode and Emphasize the international part. Jo Kibbee raised the issue of one of the strengths of our profession, i.e. censorship, personal privacy, first amendment rights, the patriot act, security, tolerance, freedom of expression etc.   Paula asked us to think about this and send her ideas. She encouraged discussions with one another and with colleagues outside the library. She emphasized that this is an opportunity to get out ideas on the table and be the intellectual driver that the library should be.   How we fit into the education piece will be more obvious. 

4.      Committee Reports        
Executive Committee (Lynne Rudasill)     EC met 3 times since the last meeting (Sept 26, Oct 3, and Oct 12). These reports are available online at   No names of honorary degree recipients were put forward. The multicultural librarian description was approved.  Campus strategic planning initiative was discussed. Policies will be added to the EC website.  A new name for the Rare Books and Special Collections library was discussed. Robin Kaler's appointment is now permanent. The deadline for ICR applications are November 15 and June 15 each year. The Access Services report was reviewed. The Scholarly Commons report was revisited.    

5.      Other reports "Content Management Systems: Learn about a new tool that can make our website look better, and create an easy way to update your library's website with no knowledge of HTML." (David Ward, Lynn Rudasill, John Weible) See powerpoint presentation.   David talked about the basics of a CMS, Lynn demonstrated one that she works with, and John talked about the technological ramifications of having a CMS and why we are looking to implement one.  

6.      Old business - there was no old business.  

7.      New business - there was no new business.  

8.      Announcements  
Barbara Ford reminded us about the Fifteenth Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture featuring Dr. Jorge Orlando Melo Gonzalez on Wednesday, October 26 at 4:00 p.m. in GSLIS Room 126.   Greg Youngen announced that the Colloquium Committee is sponsoring a presentation "The Academic Library in a Googlezon World" at 4 pm Friday, October 21 given by Roy Tennant of the California Digital Library.   Jo Kibbee announced the MillerCom lecture on Thursday, October 27 featuring Nicholas Lehman as part of the Leon Dash celebration of the gift of his papers to the University Archives - Chris Prom was instrumental in getting the papers and putting on the event.   Lynne Rudasill announced that the Library History seminar would be held at Allerton October 27 to 30. The topic is Libraries in Times of War, Social Revelations and Change.   Jo Kibbee announced that on December 8 David Ward, Kathleen Kern, and Eric Kraft would be continuing education, training and discussion on IM in libraries.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30