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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


  1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of July 20, 2005

    Bob Burger moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Diane Schmidt. Motion was approved unanimously. Paula thanked Wendy Shelburne for the excellent job she had done as Faculty Secretary, and welcomed Esther Gillie to the position.


  2. Introduction of new library faculty

    Bob Burger introduced Lori Mestre, Associate Professor, Administration/Services Office. Paula Kaufman introduced Shannon Malcolm,Assistant Professor, Law Library. Jane Block introduced Meg Burger Art and Architecture library visiting for Jing Liao. Jo Kibbee introduced Erik Kraft who is visiting in Reference and Digital Resources.


    Introduction of Mortenson Associates (Barbara Ford)

    Barbara asked each visiting associate to introduce themselves.  See attached list for names and places.


  3. University Librarian's Report

    Paula asked that since her schedule is travel intensive for the next few weeks, people please be patient with email response times.


    From her meeting with the Council of Deans, Paula announced that the search for a new associate chancellor for International Programs is nearing the interview stage. Two candidates will be coming in October.


    She reminded us that the faculty excellence program is still operating. This is an opportunity to identify those who are good candidates for full professor. Please send nomination candidates names to the Executive Committee.


    Economy signs are looking good. Some capital projects *might* be approved in November. For the FY 07 budget, it is expected that the state might be able to provide incentives for salary this year. The Board will vote on a tuition increase in November. Non-resident tuition has become prohibitive and alternative solutions are being investigated. The budget will be better than last year. Other units than the library were cut 4% in the past. Commitments made to the library when Paula was hired have been satisfied.


    A consulting firm is looking at how the university does annual fund drives.  Only 10% of alums give monies. The University and the Foundation are investigating how to improve that, and how to brand the University.  Paula will send a link to a survey, which we are encouraged to take. Focus started on science and technology, but will effect how we market and brand ourselves.



  4. Committee Reports

    Executive Committee (Chris Prom)

    Chris reported in Lynne Rudasill's absence on the 4 times EC has met since the last faculty meeting in July. Minutes from these meetings of July 25, August 8 th, August 22 nd, and September 2 nd can be found at


  5. Other Reports

    Update of IT work (Beth Sandore) see attachment

    Beth will send a full report via email. All library IT units are now under the Main Library Roof. Collaborations under way include IDEALS, the institutional repository, the Learning Commons joint initiative with CITES, CARLI beta version for federated WebFeat search, SFX open url link resolver software which will be implemented and fine tuned., and Content DM software system accessible collections of audio and video. New developments include implementation of LOCKSS ejournal system, and an open planning process for a web content management system. The hope is to replace the current gateway by 2006.


    There is a grant project funded by LC focusing on digital preservation (Grainger; Main) involving the installation of 4 open source software systems.


    Recommendations from groups in the Access Strategy Team Content Access Policy will be launching this fall regarding long term storage of library's digital assets.  Al Kagan asked for more information about the Web Content management system. Beth stated there is an public online forum for conversation about this product. Beth described the idea behind the product. Pages are stored in a database, and creators do not need html knowledge. It is a database driven way to organize and update web content.


    Bob Burger stated that David Ward will be giving a talk in the October meeting on this topic. Muhammad al-Faruque asked if there is an easy way to deal with the acronyms that we are hearing. Beth replied that there are glossaries and lists of words with definitions available. The Library Systems office has a comprehensive list of services and software that it supports. Beth will work on getting access to the systems page.


    Paula reminded people to identify themselves.


    Status of IDEALS initiative (Sarah Shreeves) see attachment

    Sarah reported on the status of the IDEALS initiative and gave contact information. Tim Donohue is a full time programmer, and Cindy Ingold is the faculty liaison. They have been working on the Charter for the project, and developing a test space populated with example information and communities. The IDEALS working group is structured in teams dealing with different aspects of the project. They are anticipating a roll out in Fall 2006.


  6. Old Business

    Paula announced that CARLI, which is a consolidation of several organizations, is looking for volunteers to serve on committees. She encouraged everyone to volunteer at the website. A concept paper by the Board includes a distributed database of images and repository of Illinois related digital materials. Once an Executive Director is found, it will move forward faster.


    The three UI Libraries are working together more closely than before. They will set up a committee to engage teaching faculty in issues. They will also be going back to Elsevier to negotiate a new contract

  7. New Business

    Campus Strategic Planning Process (Paula Kaufman)

    The deadline is next May. Input must go to campus by October 15 th. Our process will start next week with the Abby Smith forum on the 28 th. Paula asked what we need to do to achieve the vision we will develop.  EC would like input as to how we should proceed. The Chancellor would like feedback on what has been drafted so far. This work differs from strategic plan Unlocking our Past, Building our Future, under which we are working. The goal is to ensure that the campus maintains and enhances its excellence. Jo Kibbee suggested that EC look at the strategic plan just completed and see what parts of that were not addressed by the campus strategic emphases.  The current plan could see what is not there and fit the others that were addressed into the campus framework. Beth Sandore mentioned the possibility of group discussions between people from different units to talk about specific themes. Discussing in divisions is useful, but dealing with 9 different messages might be hard to deal with. Barbara Ford suggested brainstorming around the themes and think more broadly and internationally. That will resonate more with our colleagues. Paula mentioned that care must be taken that we don't limit by disciplines. Staff should also participate, not just faculty. Diane Schmidt suggested that we have a small group work on writing the plan to facilitate the timeframe. Since EC's plate is already full they might not be the ideal group to write the plan. Paula called for volunteers who would like to write to let her know. EC will put it on their agenda.

  8. Announcements


    (Barbara Ford) On October 26 at 4 pm there will be a distinguished lecture on the public libraries in Colombia.


    Beth Sandore announced that the library systems office is looking at computer workstations to replace the public workstations that have not been replaced for 3 ½ years. Sometime within the next couple of weeks a call will be posted for us to come and evaluate the 4 models. The evaluation will only take 10 to 15 minutes.


    Paula announced that Foundation weekend starts on September 22 with the inauguration of the President. We just passed the $17 million mark in quest for $30 million, and made our Mellon match. We raised $1.4 million, and they give us $700,000 to create an endowment for staff for preservation, $300,000 for equipment for the preservation conservation lab at Oak Street. A gift from Velde will match that to build the lab. Some of that Velde money will go to fix the rare book reading room public space and create money to support people coming from other institutions to use our collections.


    Jo Kibbee announced the McArthur Fellows program genius awards, $500,000, one went to the preservation library at the University of Virginia.


    Meeting adjourned at 4:15.